Mike Sullivan Chat Transcript

National Recruiting Guru Mike Sullivan stopped by Inside Kentucky to give us the run-down on UK Recruiting. From Tyler Hansbrough to J.P. Prince to Rajon Rondo, Sullivan covered it all and even added some new addition news to the mix. Here is the official chat log.

We want to take this time to thank Mike Sullivan for stopping and also for all the work he does for Inside Kentucky. We are looking forward to his work in the near future at Inside Kentucky.

mjsullivan: sorry for being late..didn't know I needed to download software to get in

rjray: Thanks for joining Mike

freshshava: Mr. Sullivan I'll start I guess........What are your thought on J. P. Prince?

mjsullivan: for starters I spoke to Tyler Hansbrough

mjsullivan: He said in the next month he will be calling all three coaches left in the recruiting process

3ballatuk: 3 as in smith is in it still

mjsullivan: the reason he will be calling these coaches is to feel out who he is most comfortable with

3ballatuk: so mizzou is out

mjsullivan: yes, UK, UNC, and Kansas

3ballatuk: ku uk and unc

3ballatuk: cool

mjsullivan: he said he wants to talk to these coaches in depth and try to determine which coach he feels best playing for

freshshava: did you get any feeling from him that he was favoring anyone?

3ballatuk: is it a 3 way split

3ballatuk: or are there leanings

mjsullivan: I got no feel on where he was leaning...i did ask him if he had to choose a school would he have a choice right now

mjsullivan: and he said "No"

mjsullivan: he even said even though he would like to make his decision in July there is always a possibility he would have to wait

3ballatuk: did u ask about a uk unofficial visit

mjsullivan: about one about to happen 3ball?

3ballatuk: my bad; the report he was considering a trip to uk unofficially

jaredbons: Mike, I heard after Tylers last visit to UNC he really became confused about which school he truly perferred, especially with Padgett going to UL. Did you get the same sense of an uncomplete decision making process?

mjsullivan: He did not indicate about any future trips..

3ballatuk: ya and do you have any gossip on the padgett deal

mjsullivan: he said he would look at everything before he made his decision...the rosters, the schools itself again, and plenty of time talking to each of the head coaches

jaredbons: That is an awful lot to consider especially with AAU ball coming up, I doubt a July decision could come.

mjsullivan: I have not spoken to David nor his dad yet about his decision...they have not answered the phone throughout this process

mjsullivan: he did mention that he liked UK because of Tubby Smith. it was the number one factor he said in considering UK right now

mjsullivan: he said the rich traditions of UK, UNC, and Kansas are very close and all have great programs

3ballatuk: jdrum on rivals is reporting that jp prince is really hot on comming to UK, what have you heard about this?

mjsullivan: I did not speak to JP tonight but I spoke to his family this evening...

freshshava: How does JP compare to Tayshaun, or does he at all?

mjsullivan: they indicated that Vandy, Florida, Memphis, Tennessee, Miss State, NC State, Oklahoma, Texas, UK, and Georgia Tech are the schools he likes the most

mjsullivan: well, his size and his frame (added some pounds this past season) have given him the opportunity to create mismatches from the guard position...

3ballatuk: but no leader indicated?

mjsullivan: his family said too early in the process but did state JP would start taking official visits starting in early August

TDKYRay: what position do you see him playing

mjsullivan: School starts around August 3rd there and they feel he can get in about three to four visits before deciding

mjsullivan: one, two or three

mjsullivan: if his frame fills out more (he is about 190 right now), he can be a player that can cause defensive nightmares for the opponents jaredbons: so he projects in college at what position?

mjsullivan: they (being JP's family) expects him to make a decision by September

TDKYRay: We know Tubby likes these kind of players that play different positions

mjsullivan: I personally think he projects as a one or two

mjsullivan: but he is versatile enough to play the forward slot too

3ballatuk: allegedly smith has cooled on bryan harvey in cali because of grades, can u verify this?

freshshava: If UK offers do you believe JP will sign?

jaredbons: Exactly, versatile players gives Tubby more options.

mjsullivan: on Tyler, he expects perhaps to decide after July stuff is over

mjsullivan: I can't but I will try to see if Harvey has been receiving interest lately from UK

3ballatuk: thanks

mjsullivan: not sure if he will automatically make the commitment because the family seemed to say JP wanted to take some trips

3ballatuk: who can pass up 4 free trips

mjsullivan: I think though after a while recruits are passing on the trips because the amount of pressure and early pressure that is put on them

mjsullivan: so when someone may state they want to take visits, I always keep an eye on it anyway because many have just decided enough is enough

3ballatuk: have you seen amir johnson play and how do u personally rank him for 2005 top 100 players?

mjsullivan: The interesting part about speaking to both recruits (one the family of JP) is they still don't know their schedule for the summer

mjsullivan: I saw Johnson play last summer and I would leave the rankings of any players right now up to Dave Telep and Pierson and Hicks...

TDKYRay: How many in the 2005 class go NBA

JohnBlue: why the sudden delay with TH, I thought he was going to decide in june?

mjsullivan: Tyler is unsure whether he will be in Vegas or Orlando at the end of July and the same case for JP Prince...so this will be an interesting and frantic summer for coaches with the excessive amount of tournaments being scheduled during the evaluation time in July

mjsullivan: Andray Blatche for sure... I can't see anyone else just yet but I am sure some will try it after the McDonald's game showings

mjsullivan: Blatche has some Kevin Garnett in him...6-10 and can handle the ball like a guard...he was outstanding this past weekend at the Rumble in the Bronx

mjsullivan: I think Tyler sounded like he wanted to explore his degree of comfort with all three coaches left in the process

DennyConroy: will think no. of preps in first round this year is likely to increase those willing to test it next season

3ballatuk: read your article on the rumble, it was a good read.

mjsullivan: thanks

freshshava: Do you believe that UK is a legit contender for 2005 Final Four run with so much young talent?

3ballatuk: welcome aboard by the way!

mjsullivan: I agree Denny but this is a dramatically weaker class in 2005 as opposed to last year's

3ballatuk: but that can change though can it,d. howard wasnt a top 25 player last year at this time

mjsullivan: I think anytime you have young talent the first part of the season can be a struggle but there's enough talent to make a run in the second half in preparation for the tournament...ala Syracuse a couple of years back when they brought in so much talent

3ballatuk: are there any players this year u can see making a big improvement

3ballatuk: like jp prince or others

TDKYRay: who would you see as a possible sleeper

freshshava: Do you believe that Randolph Morris can be one of the more dominant players next year?

3ballatuk: ya that is what I am trying to say

mjsullivan: will be real difficult, IMO, for someone other than Andray Blatche to be seriously considered...Oden a definite for June 2006...

jaredbons: Morris won't be dominant, its not his style, he is a great player but will not have a shaq like performance as a freshman.

mjsullivan: Shawn Williams maybe

jaredbons: sorry to answer the question over mr. sullivan, haha ;-)

mjsullivan: Morris is a solid big man..no problem!

freshshava: no prob..

mjsullivan: Morris should stay a couple of years but also the depth of a draft also determines the value of a player leaving

3ballatuk: slam mag is big on rondo, so was bilas, what do u think or r rondo, is he legit

freshshava: who in your mind is better fit to be UK's PG next year, Sparks or Rondo?

mjsullivan: Rondo has tremendous speed with the ball and his game was refined at Oak Hill, he got more structure and discipline there under Steve Smith. he can break down a defense and also score. he is a double threat. likely to be more of a distributer due to his size

3ballatuk: is his arm length really that of a player 6-9

freshshava: but Sparks you believe is the better shooter?

mjsullivan: Sparks is a guy recruited due to playing already at a high level..has a lot of drive..people doubted him out of high school and turned out to be a pretty good player..probably feels he has alot to prove...have to think Sparks will be given the opportunity to start

3ballatuk: not that it matters but I agree

mjsullivan: absolutely, more consistent shooter

freshshava: Is Joe Crawford going to be a consistent offensive threat?

mjsullivan: couldn't tell about the length but he is long and athletic

3ballatuk: and who is a better player hairston or crawford

jaredbons: hairston ;-)

mjsullivan: I love Joe Crawford...tough, guy with ball and away from the ball...slasher, draws fouls, can clear out for him late in the game...

3ballatuk: is the rondo crawford tandem the best set of freshmen gaurds in th country?

mjsullivan: different players, Malik is three/two whereas Joe is more of a two, play some one

freshshava: from what little Ive seen Crawford, he reminds me a lot of keith Bogans. Is that a fair comparison in your eyes?

mjsullivan: have to be among the top freshmen guards in the country...they will be a dynamic offensive backcourt

jaredbons: Do you have any insight as to the "style" of tubby smith and his staff, and their recruiting?

DennyConroy: 6 mins gone in 3rd Pistons 64-53; Prince has 8 pts, 5 rebs

mjsullivan: Very direct, very focused, narrow way of approach...they seek, they recruit and keep it focused to a few players

jaredbons: give us a coach who contrasts

mjsullivan: USC, they recruit a lot of players

freshshava: Do you expect Ramel Bradley to log many minutes next year?

3ballatuk: have u ever seen ramel bradley play against telfair or anyone else noteable

mjsullivan: Ramel is a fiercely competitive players. i think competition is good for his soul and he will probably be motived by the competition

mjsullivan: most of the time I saw Ramel he played with Telfair

3ballatuk: so with sparks bradleyand rondo, how can we possibly fit jp prince

freshshava: Who are your earlypre- season teams for this season?

mjsullivan: great programs will always recruit at such a high level even if it means overrecruiting a position

mjsullivan: It's a tossup...to be honest I thought UCONN would win last year due to Okafor..this year it's a little harder to predict

jaredbons: Mike, a personal question here

jaredbons: who did you grow up following?

mjsullivan: yes

jaredbons: NBA, NCAA...

mjsullivan: I went to St. John's and hope someday St. John's will win a National Championship...I loved watching Chris Mullin shooting rainbow jumpers at MSG...but I love to watch great teams, no matter who they are, compete

mjsullivan: I also grew up loving the Willis Reed KNicks

jaredbons: Ahh yes of course

mjsullivan: those were great TEAMS...today's NBA is boring and absent of a team concept

mjsullivan: it was great to watch the Knicks rotate the ball to the open man...they weren't the best individual players but they were certainly one of the greatest NBA teams put together

DennyConroy: Pistons the exception

3ballatuk: pistons r playing some serious defense

TDKYRay: love the pistons D

jaredbons: Mike you are so right

mjsullivan: hey I must run but look for some stories on Tyler and JP in the next 24 hours...can we do another chat in the middle of July?

3ballatuk: have u heard if shag alleyne and woo will make it to a credible big mans camp this summer?

jaredbons: too much isolation and dependence on individual talent

mjsullivan: I love college ball so much more so now than ever before...maybe because watching the NBA games have depressed me

uknate6: Yeah its great to see the Pistons take down the Might Lakers

jaredbons: Mike, a mid-July chat would be great

mjsullivan: I agree Jared...too much two on two basketball

mjsullivan: there's a break in the middle of July which would be the perfect time to access the first part of the evaluation period too jaredbons: Of course, a bit more complete of a talent picture

mjsullivan: I will be attending Reebok camp and two more tournaments before we chat again...so we should have plenty of info and plenty to chat about

rjray: Small update... Reds win in 11th.

3ballatuk: after tyler commits to UK ;)

mjsullivan: LOL. I am sure that would get this board rocking

mjsullivan: not the Reds winning but Tyler committing ;)

jaredbons: "eh"

mjsullivan: have a good night everyone...thanks to everyone for coming...I look forward to chatting sometime in July

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