The Professional Fanatic; No More Excuses

In this week's "The Professional Fanatic," Jared Bonshire describes the "excuse" factor that we have grown to accept as a UK Football fan and also read why their is hope for the future.

The Professional Fanatic - Issue 4 Publish 6-8-2004

An Excuse No More: The Angry UK Football Fan

"We are just glad the decision is made so we can move on…"

"Sure it's been on our minds…"

"Well, because of the sanctions…"

"With just 16/19/22 scholarships to give..."

"Limited in home visits…"

"We just need to get off of probation…"

Yes, it is all true. For 3 years, the University of Kentucky program has been living in a sea of truth. From season to season; game to game; the answer to all questions of inadequacy was truth.

Truth that, no matter how concise, exact, or accurate, was still an excuse for why the University of Kentucky Football program was failing in its attempt to become more than a stepping stone to the opponents next game.

Three years of truth can get to a man.

Especially when that truth is so ugly to hear.

The truth was that the University of Kentucky football was a bad team made worse through scholarship and recruiting restrictions, therefore making a tough job, even tougher.

UK coaches could not extend as many scholarships. They couldn't make as many crucial in home visits. They couldn't invite as many kids to view the facilities that almost always put Kentucky Football on the map of perspective athletes.

Kentucky football coaches were forced to build a home with fewer nails. Less time, not enough concrete and the inevitability of bad wood. The only problem with Kentucky's bad wood is that there was not enough stockpiled to replace the rot and finish the project.

Three years of negative outlooks, gloomy predictions, and optimistic fans hoping the truth was in fact just the good ole coaches snowballing to protect themselves from the backlash of not living up to expectations.

To make matters worse, all that truth spoken before and during probation all of a sudden faded away with a magical 7-5 season pumping the faithful with hope that maybe all this negativity and doom really was just a facade.

Alas, as with all negative truth, it eventually reared its ugly head once again in a fashion that only those who accepted the truth could foresee.

But now, there is a new fact, a new truth that has nothing to do with negativity. The excuses of the past three years are going to start to fade away.

It is indeed a fact that Kentucky Football will feel the effects of probation for at least the next two years, numbers having being depleted in addition to a few less than desirable recruits.

But, for the first time in three years the University of Kentucky Football program has a future that can extend to no limit. There are no enforced, negative truth's holding the program back from living up to a potential that has been boiling underneath the surface for decades.

Plus, Kentucky has the Joker.

No, this Joker does not go from recruit to recruits home laughing maniacally while his minions Hudson and Ortmeyer spray a Kentucky Football loving nerve gas from a 1980's fashioned boom box.

However, this Joker does use his charm and charisma to convince young men to realize what UK fans have known all along: Kentucky Football can be great.

And it can, and the Coaches should know this by now. Its time to start to let the rest of the world know it too and not having to hide behind the excuses is a great first step.

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