Doyle hoping to get attention

Inside Kentucky updates you on the progress and recruitment of fellow Kentuckians. Today's update is on Jordan Doyle, from Hancock County.

Jordan Doyle from Hancock County is a guy that takes your breath away when you first gaze upon the football field.

At 5'9-5'10, he is short, but he has a great build for a kid his age.

He is up to 210 pounds of what looks to be, pure muscle and reportedly ran one of the fastest forty times at the Atlanta Nike camp this summer, but has recieved little interest inside the recruiting circles because of his grades.

"Jordan's got to do some work in the classroom and get his grades up," Coach Brock Shoulders said. "He's obviously very blessed, but he has fallen behind a little bit and we've got to get him back to where he was at the start of the year last year."

Although short in stature, Doyle has got good legs and a nice upper body. If he can get down his forty time and improve his hands, he could be a nice prospect for a Western Kentucky or Eastern Kentucky.

He definitely has trouble seeing the ball out of the backfield and catching passes definitely needs to become a priority this summer for the senior-to-be, who is hoping to play big-time college football.

"Louisville's been in contact," Doyle said. "That's about it"

"I'm interested in any school. The recruiting has kind of stopped of late."

Doyle said he won't be heading to any camps this summer, but will be at the Ohio County combine with the rest of his team on Saturday.

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