Geek's Peaks: Deep Thoughts, Part 2

The more, I search and search for jobs; the more and more, I wish I would have gone into the horse business.

June 22

Horses just buck but dont tell you you are over-qualified or not qualified enough...

Tyler Hansbrough's recruitment rolls on.
Expect the decision sometime around July 4. (July 2 - July 6). I still expect the result to be positive for UK. But I will not say any more about the recruitment until it is over.

OK, football season.
I am ready. I for one expect improvement across the board in each aspect. we are already seeing this in recruiting. As soon as these recruits make their way into the starting lineup, we will see more and more improvement.

This political year is really starting to bug me, from both sides. I cannot stand seeing the commercials already. Cant we wait until AFTER the conventions? It is bad enough that it is 4 1/2 months away.

I really appreciate the work done by this site to improve the content and the articles. I feel bad for the previous editors and moderators. I hope that no bad feelings still exist.

As baseball season continues, I am piquing my interest, for unlike most of you, I am a St Louis fan and right now we are in front. I wont say that I know alot about baseball analyzations. BUT I can tell already that St Louis has the toughest lineup. The Astros have the best pitching, and the Reds...well, the most balance.

I know, I know the Geek is rambling. But there isnt a lot of basketball to talk about. NBA you say? HA! What is that? The brats of the world I call them. Kobe wants out of LA. Shaq wants out of LA. TMac wants out of Orlando. Now who in their right mind wants out of Orlando, FL...

The geek saying... keep your straps up and the poker hand down.


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