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Take a look at what is in store this week on Inside Kentucky. From our new additions to the moderating team to our appearence in Larry Phipps' SEC Magazine, their is lot to be excited about at Inside Kentucky! Be sure and become apart of the future!<br><br>

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Subject: Guys, I think it is time we give UL their due.
Started by: bluebones
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Before I even get into the major reasons lets just talk about his game "last season". Chuck is a "legit" 6'6" 240 lbs. You can bet bottom dollar that he will be a rock solid 250lbs going into his senior season. There are MANY players Chucks size and SMALLER playing SF and PF in the league that I will get into later.

Chuck averaged 11pts, 8rebs, 3assists, 1.3 steals, and 1.5 blocks per game as a junior. Roberts of MSU is the only SEC player coming back that averaged more rebounds. There are only 4 SEC players coming back that averaged more assists than Chucks 3apg. Chuck shot 53% fg's as a junior and that ranks in the top 5 of players coming back. His 1.5 blocks per game was 3rd in the SEC as a junior and Branden Bass is the only returning SEC player averaging more at 2bpg.

So anyone can see that Hayes is easily going to be one of the top players statistic wise in the SEC and will be Pre-season All SEC and a pre-season SECPOY candidate......

For those who STILL think Chuck will not be drafted, here is a look at 7 players drafted yesterday that are Chucks size or smaller with comparable or LESS game in some cases. Remember also that next seasons draft is expected to be much weaker in terms of talent and that there should be VERY few high schoolers if any."

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3 New Moderators Added to the Team!
Inside Kentucky is proud to announce the arrival of Mirei, Tom, and Casey to our moderating team. Casey Johnson (BackNBlue), Tom (TCCat1), and Mirei (jgirl) have always been a vital part of UK Athletics on the internet, and we are very happy to have them become apart of our future, here at Inside Kentucky.

"We are very happy to be adding such valuable pieces to an already outstanding moderating team," Inside Kentucky President Greg Vincent announced. "We think the addition of Tom, Casey, and Mirei will bring our members yet another reason to be excited about our future together."

Mirei is known on the boards as "jgirl." She has a fantastic reputation among the many posters on the board and is very well respected among the faithful. She is very opinionated, but at the same time "open-minded" in her many discussions on the board.

Tom brings a fantastic reputation as a news source on the internet. Known to all as TCCat, Tom brings a tremendous amount of basketball knowledge, as well as unheralded connections to the athletic department. He will not only be sharing his information with the members of IK on the premium forum, but also interacting and moderating our basketball forum daily.

IK is also proud to announce the arrival of Casey Johnson. Johnson is a well known poster from Kentucky Sports Report on the rivals network. He has a tremendous reputation as a knowledgable and insightful poster who is extremely energetic about UK Athletics. Words cannot express how happy we are to have BackNBlue to an already outstanding group of moderators.

We hope the added moderators will show the newfound commitment we have to our members on Inside Kentucky as well as the future of IK! Be sure to make them feel welcome!

IK: In the Community
Inside Kentucky allowed its members to pass on letters of congratulations and thanks to Coach Craig and the 2004 UK Golf team following Top 10 finish in the NCAA's. Here's what Coach Craig had to say to our Inside Kentucky members:

"Thanks so much for the many expressions of support and encouragement from all the loyal Big Blue fans at Inside Kentucky."

"Since my arrival in Lexington, I have told many people that UK has the best and most passionate fans in the country. Your genuine interest in our program is greatly appreciated by our student-athletes and coaches. Go Big Blue!"

Inside Kentucky wants to thank all of our members that contributed in our letters to Coach Craig and the team! You are what make our community so special and prosperous.

Sports Promotions to sponsor Softball Showcase
Sports Promotions, a partner of Inside Kentucky, will be hosting a softball showcase for girls in the state of Kentucky interested in playing college softball.

"The ability to help our community and especially the kids in this state is very important to Sports Promotions," Inside Kentucky/Sports Promotions President Greg Vincent announced. "We've been apart of the sporting good business for several years now and have developed very good relations with individuals inside and around Kentucky high school athletics. They all have been extremely supportive of our showcase."

College coaches from around the state of Kentucky will be in attendance on July 20th and July 21rst if it rains. If you need additional information, please email Ed Inman at Inside Kentucky will keep everyone posted if any new information appears.

IK's Rob Gidel featured in SEC Football Preview
Inside Kentucky's Rob Gidel was featured in Larry Phipps' seventh annual SEC Preview: The Connoisseurs' Guide to SEC Football. Phipps, the author of Phipps' Gamecock Football and founder of Phipps Charitable Network produces one of the best football previews in the south annually. Copies of his magazine are available at bookstores, newsstands, and selected convenience stores and grocery stores. Proceeds from the sales of his magazines go to benefit the sick, disabled, and terminally ill adolescent athletes.

Copies of his magazine can also be obtained via the internet by emailing

Another Reason to Go Premium!
Inside Kentucky has announced yet another reason to go Premium!

"We are very excited about the opportunity to offer our premium members a chance to receive discouts on all merchandise sold on our website," IK President Greg Vincent announced. "We hope this brings forth another attractive addition to being a premium member.

Discouted items included basketballs, footballs, t-ball bats, autographable items, and coming soon: Kennedy's Bookstore items!

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Features coming this week!
Inside Kentucky is expecting a full load of features to be posted this week! Be sure and check us out this week! Don't miss out! Subscribe Today by clicking on the following links: Magazine Only or Online Mag Special!

Football Preview to hit Newstands Soon!
Inside Kentucky's football preview is scheduled to hit newstands this fall. Included in the issue is the following:
-Interview with Coach Brooks
-Interview with Coach Hudson
-Legends Interview with Mark Higgs, Joe Prince, and Cisco Bryant
-High School Football Preview
-UK Recruiting Update
-In depth analysis
-Position by position breakdown

Stay tuned for more from Inside Kentucky: Your source for Kentucky Sports!

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