Receivers: Skeletons Prove Cats Have Potential

Summer skeletons are not only a chance to see the Cats in action, but also get a chance to see our future perform. <i>Inside Kentucky</i> will breakdown the summer stars at each position, starting with receiver. We've stopped by the past week for 30 minutes to check on the team...

Kings of the Summer

Scott Mitchell - The most improved of the group of receivers since spring practice, Mitchell has finally started to grasp the concept of route running. He looks very much improved in that aspect. The thing that seperates Mitchell is not necessarily his speed and height, but his ability to push off the line. Rarely can a cornerback not be influenced by Mitchell's strength to go wherever Mitchell wants. He's got a fantastic ability to push and shove extra room between the defender and himself.

Keenan Burton - What can been said that already hasn't been said? All the kid does is dominate the skeleton drills from start to finish. He's got all the keys to be an All-SEC receiver this year and he is using that to teach the others in the group. Mitchell and Burton continue to try and one-better each other each coming week, which makes for good entertainment. You can see that Burton is not even the least bit fazed by the incoming freshmen and Mitchell. He's just going to do what he does best and knows that will be good enough to be the #1 guy this fall. An amazing feat for a guy that was projected to play safety in college.

Glenn Holt - Holt continues to battle through some injuries to his hamstring, but for the most part still looks the part as far as UK's pursuit of finding a dependable #2 or #3 guy. If Holt continues to catch the ball with the effectiveness that he is, right now, UK has a dangerous weapon.

Jeremiah Drobney - Extremely intelligent tight end has definitely beafed up in the weight department and has not lost a step on the field. He looks to be in the best shape of his life, heading into his junior season, which is good news for Kentucky fans, whom are worried about the lack of experience and depth on the offensive line. With Drobney securing the outside of the line, UK should be just fine on the ends.

Eric Scott - The tight end has come along way since he was a tad overweight last fall. Davis looks trim as ever and also looks to be one of the better back-ups to Jeremiah Drobney this summer, as he continues to get quicker each passing month.

Richard Lyons - Hello world, I am Richard Lyons. The kid is a flat out stud. You can tell that Shane really likes him, because he is constantly checking to plays where he can get out and run. He has very soft hands and an explosive second gear when the ball is in the air that enables him to break away from receivers. He's a little bit more "mature" then the rest of the freshmen class as far as strength is concerned. I saw Shane throw him three balls in a row for fade patterns against three different UK defenders and Lyons burned all three of them with the same play. He's just that talented and that good. I am not about to proclaim him the next Derek Abney, but I think if UK finds a way to get him the ball in the fall, he might be too good to red-shirt. According to a source, he is already benching 345 pounds!

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