KBA Weekend #1: Aubrey White puts on a show

The Kentucky Basketball Association was in full swing in its first of many basketball exhibition action scheduled to come. See what happened and who starred in this weekend's basketball action in Lexington...

The Kentucky Basketball Association started off its annual summer classic with a "similar" story line, as one UK Recruit dominated the weekend showing. Only there was one small twist.

He's not on scholarship for basketball.

That's because it was Aubrey White who dominated and absolutely put on an amazing show of athleticism in the KBA's first weekend action of the summer.

White, who is expected to contend for playing time at the wide receiver position for Rich Brooks' football Cats, stole the show at the KBA from the word, "go." Giving the pro-UK basketball crowd something to cheer about after word had circulated that the heralded incoming freshmen class of Rondo, Morris, Bradley, and Crawford would not be participating.

Displaying a rare athleticism and quickness, White played his fast pace, high energy basketball that made him famous in high school; exhibiting not only his speed but a jaw dropping vertical jump that would make even the most negative UK Football fan dream of watching the Henry Clay product catching passes or drilling receivers in the future.

White scored on an array of dunks, this weekend, including one 360 that brought the house to its feet. He also had a driving dunk that was almost freaky in nature; leaping out of nowhere and skying way above the rim to flush another thunderous exclamation point.

His dunk total for the weekend was estimated to be around 15 or 16.

His most memorable dunk, or attempt rather, was an errant alley-oop pass that was somehow caught in the air by White and narrowly finished.

For the many that witnessed it, the 6'2 - 185 pound White, quite possibly could have hit his head on the top of the backboard had he not been careful.

In the words of a fellow observer; "White's an airplane, just waiting for clearence from the flight control center."

Good news for football fans and the future of UK Football.

Bad news for people that tried to downplay Kentucky's incoming class of freshmen.

Considering White is considered to be one of the lesser heralded of the freshmen, it appears that the staff does have a knack for finding talent in hidden places, after all.

If you are still not convinced, come watch the Purple team play next time out and try not to pay attention to Morris and Rondo.

Look for White. And if you can't find him, just strictly watch the rim for five minutes.

He's the one that almost jumped into the basket.

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