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For any high school basketball player with college aspirations on any level, summer basketball is a vehicle in which dreams come true. As we steam into July, camps, tournaments and workouts at high schools become increasingly important

Over the course of the next month, TheInsiders.com will dispatch its team of talented recruiting experts to venues across the country. Our goal is to bring you as much basketball coverage as you can digest.

Our team of experts will cover everything from elite player camps to the AAU national championship with a lot of tournaments in between. TheInsidersHoops.com is your home for the most extensive, detailed and timely recruiting coverage in the summer of 2004. We've already provided complete coverage of two events the NBA Players Association Camp and USA Basketball Youth Development Festival. Our next stop are the elite exposure camps.

Join us, on a daily basis, as we take your on a hoops tour around the country. From L.A. to Orlando and parts in between, weíll cover our passion with a passion.

Here ís a brief rundown on some major summer events weíll cover and why they're important to you.

NBA Players Association Camp: Over 100 of America's finest prospects are invited to participate and the stakes are high. With that much talent in the building, those with big reps must protect themselves from would be prospects looking to join them among the elite. No college coaches allowed.

USA Basketball Youth Development Festival: Nearly 50 prospects gather on the top of a mountain for four days of skill work and games. When it's over, those that can handle the altitude usually separate themselves from the rest of the pack. No college coaches or NBA scouts allowed.

Nike All-American Camp: With a pass rule in play to promote good basketball, Nike Camp is one of the premier stops on the circuit. The best of the best from the Nike circuit gather here. College coaches love the stations, 3-on-3 and two sessions of games a day.

Reebok ABCD Camp: Sonny Vaccaro might have switched sneaker companies but the legendary ABCD Camp is intact. Famous for its all-star games, a disc jockey spinning hip-hop tunes closes camp on the final day. It's here where LeBron James took Lenny Cooke to school and where Sebastian Telfair starred as an 8th grader. A guy named McGrady once went from unknown to the NBA from this camp.

adidas Super Star Camp: The '3 Stripes' have been around for a while but this is its first year sans Vaccaro. What will the camp look like? No one knows until the reviews begin coming in from a gym in Suwannee, Ga.

adidas Three Stripes Tournament: This is the first year for the tournament at California State - Dominguez Hills and it is expected to attract many of the top adidas sponsored travel teams in the west.

Nike Peach Jam: In July there is no hotter place in the south than Augusta, but walk into the Riverview Park Athletics Center and the A.C. blows so strong you need a windbreaker. For four days, 24 of the best Nike teams and players go head to head for one of the summerís most prestigious titles. Last year, Russell Robinson made a jumper here to win the title and asserted himself as one of the best in 2004.

Las Vegas: Sin City will be basketball city July 21-26 as the three major shoe companies have invited each of their traveling teams (and then some) to participate in three separate events run concurrently throughout the city. Quite honestly, this will be the best place on the planet to be for five days if you are into hoops. The best of the best will be in town and theyíll be so much hoop being played that Wayne Newton will have to take a back seat for a week.

Best of the Summer Tournament: The The final major event in the west for July, and just a hop from Vegas, this event, held at Loyola Marymount in El-Lay, usually attracts a number of top travel teams from across the country.

AAU Nationals: The 17-and-under division will crown its champion in Orlando in late July. Itís here where Andrew Iguodala and Hollis Price once led their team to championships. Though there have been stronger fields in the past, thereís something about winning a bonafide national championship that attracts players.

Couple the national coverage provided by the network with the Midwest AND national expertise of Inside Kentucky's own Mike Sullivan - and you've hit from downtown!

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