Bear Bryant Is a Chump

Last Saturday night, the instant, in your face, rumor machine of internet forums cranked up to full speed. <p> A poster had stated that a UK football player had been brutally beaten with a bat, and was sent to the hospital.

In a time during the summer when chat responses can be few and far between, the word spread quickly, and soon the message was teaming with interest.

By the next morning, many were glued to their radio dials to hear if an update was to be reported on WLAP.

Many noted the lack of an article detailing the incident in the daily newspapers.

A few, who just a few hours before had been convinced of the malicious beating had decided the report was instead just a rumor.

Later that Sunday afternoon, the University of Kentucky Athletics Association website reported that Bo Smith had indeed been admitted into a hospital.

His injuries were undisclosed, but a guess could be gathered as to the severity from the fact that Smith was released from the hospital today.

Going back to the original post, I noted what was being said.

There was doubt of the posters validity.

Some thought the post was an outright lie.

But one form of post caught my eye and an ire began to build with each repeat of the sentiment.

Here, numerous University of Kentucky football fans were attributing an incident in which a UK football player is hurt off of the football field to "the curse."

The infamous incident that sent Bear Bryant away from the University of Kentucky, and eventually into the annals of football lore that forever sealed the fate of Kentucky football.

Any Kentucky football fan could account for the fact that SOMETHING has kept the program from keeping up the rest of the SEC.

I mean come on, surely the lack of success in football has nothing to do with a lack of athletic administration support, poor in state recruiting base, and bad hirings due that same lack of athletic administration support.

There is no possible way that the past decades of mediocrity at the University of Kentucky could be the result of years of sub-par recruiting, bad implementation of talent and lack of depth at ANY position.

Could it be bad coaching decisions?


The misfortune and lack of winning seasons can all be attributed to one irrefutable cause: firing Paul Bear Bryant…

I certainly hope you are sensing the sarcasm here, because I am laying it on with a butter knife.

There are very few things in this world that boil my blood, but blaming unseen, uncontrollable forces of the spiritual world for inept real life production is one of them.

With almost uncanny certainty can I say that Bear Bryant hardly gave Kentucky a second thought when he moved on with his career. Why? Because he became even more successful, even more charismatic, and his legend began after he left.

Why would Bryant even feel the need to curse Kentucky? He left Kentucky only to have a more successful career.

Then I guess the curse is really the work of the football gods punishing Kentucky for letting such an incredible coach fly away?

Where are these football gods, and how do I get in touch with them? I know my Cingular plan has quick call features, maybe if I just dial #nobear* I'll get a response.

Fact is, Kentucky football has been terrible because the folk in charge had allowed it to be. With past regimes it seemed, if football was making money, why feel the need to win games?

When Bo Smith was hurt, it did not happen due to some unnatural force pressing its unforgiving evil will against the Kentucky football program. Incidents such as these occur at just about every school in the country, and not just to athletes.

I think all fans need to understand that sometimes things are not going to go ones way. I have a feeling that the coaching staff we have now are not going to let any setback deter their overall mission.

So why should a fan let it alter his or hers? That mission of course being to support the players who work so very hard to give all what they seek in the world of sports.

A winner.

To finish, I would like to say that I wish for the speedy recovery of Bo Smith. The young man has worked through a lot of pain to be ready to play football this fall. To have it taken from him this late in the game would be a difficult pill to swallow

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