Grill the Guru Welcomes Sandy Bell !

With Football season fast approaching and the summer months coming to a close, I think it's time for all of us to educate ourselves on the rules of being a UK fan.

We are very proud to announce that UK Compliance Director and Associate Athletics Director Sandy Bell will be joining us for our next Grill the Guru. Fans are encouraged to respond to this thread when posting a question and Ms. Bell will generously answer them in a timely manner.

It is extremely important to know the rules and to make sure that as a booster and fan of UK, we do not step over the boundaries and perhaps ruin a chance of the Wildcats picking up a future student athlete.

Please post your questions for UK Compliance Director in this thread. Again, this is for educational purposes for our members. Please use this as a very valuable opportunity for yourself.

For more information, you can always access UK's NCAA Rules Compliance page at the top left corner of our message boards. The Compliance Directors Motto, as posted on the website is; "Ask, before you Act."

We, at Inside Kentucky, are offering up a chance for our lovely members to do just that.

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