Tubby Speaks at Banquet in Washington D.C.

Inside Kentucky Member, TangerineCat, was in D.C. to hear Tubby Smith, whom was the guest speaker. Check out what was said and reported.

Inside Kentucky member TangerineCat shared what UK coach Tubby Smith said at a recent banquet in Washington D.C. With his permission we have posted a recap for our members, as well as a link where you can respond to his post.

Special thanks to Jason Shuler for allowing us to re-post and publish! Posted: 7/21/04 @ 12:52 AM
Poster: TangerineCat
Topic: Tubby Spoke in D.C. Tonight
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I did a little run-down for everybody; I don't post often, because of work related stuff, but I am always scouring the boards; By the way, I live in D.C. and wish I would have been more active, cause their was a lot of UK fans in the audience.

First off, I found it very interesting to hear him say this was now the longest tenure he has ever stayed. I guess he is officially ours now. I couldn't believe that, for some reason I had thought he was somewhere else for a longer time Tulsa. Anyways, he said he is now a "senior" coach in the SEC.

Second thing I found most interesting was that Tubby has been away for more then 10 days, that is the longest since his time away for the Olympics. Wow! What a family man, in a business that is so difficult to be one.

Sounded as if he felt this team could do some great things, despite how inexperienced he thought they were. Said that is a testiment to the staff and their hard work in recruiting last year.

Talked about how many NBA coaches have called and complimented him on the kids he has brought out and how well liked and coached they are. IN particular Coach Brown with the Pistons talking abotu Tayshaun. Says he talked to Tayshaun a lot and thought that his play helped get Crawford to UK.

Said somethign about beating Nolan and some guy named Mike Anderson in a golf outing and how special that was to get revenge. I suppose he was talking abotu the UAB coach; becuase he discussed how painful of a loss that was the entire night.

Tubby sounded very similar to what every coach sounds like, but he had some interesting tidbits that possibly might tempt your curiosity. Talked about recruiting lately and that he has had to go against UNC and KU of late (duh, I wonder who that is). Said he was very much encouraged by the class that is coming next year and next year's class that he believes is un-folding nicely.

Oh yeah, and he said we would be #1 by the end of the year.

That's all i can think of, if I got anything else I will share it with you. There were some high rollers in attendance and I am thankful for the invite. Jason, if you are reading this, thanks again!

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