The Famous "TCCat" Chat Recap: Part 1

Be sure and check out the chat with TCCat1; the most recognizable name on the internet for UK Basketball. He has a fabulous reputation of having the best sources and will answered some intense questions last night <p> Get the official SCOOP from the man that defines a reliable source.

TCCAT1:: Both are solid.
Mike4UK:: Can anything new be said regarding Adam Williams?
TCCAT1:: One is on stand by waiting on a decision from another recruit.
TCCAT1:: What do you want to know about Adam??
Mike4UK:: Is the mutual interest still there, is he in Florida now?
b1gblu3:: Is Adam Williams playin in any summer camps?
TCCAT1:: Adam will be a cat, rumor was his dad was going to take an assistant job and adam follow but that is not happenning.
Justwar:: How about this...Do the 05 guy, and the 06 guy, Co exist? Or potentially play the same position?
TCCAT1:: I don't think Adam is playing in any camps.
TCCAT1:: They both could be on the floor at the same time.
b1gblu3:: So same AAU team?
TCCAT1:: Adam is good enough defensively to play for UK now, he just needs to work on his J.
TCCAT1:: Not same AAU team, meant they could both be on the floor for UK at the same time.
b1gblu3:: O
Justwar:: What is your DREAM, 06 class?
TCCAT1:: Wright, the kid from Alabama, Semrau and Wilderness.
TCCAT1:: What is the kids name from Alabama? I can't ever remember it.
Justwar:: Stanley Robinson
Justwar:: He sounds like a Lamar Odom type
Justwar:: A guy who can handle the rock
TCCAT1:: He is very good from what I have been told.
b1gblu3:: I missed out on something, is there a possible two commitments coming soon?
Justwar:: Wright is a stud, but the NBA scares me.
TCCAT1:: Very possible on 2.
b1gblu3:: REALLY NICE
KevTucky:: Where do you see TH going TC?
b1gblu3:: how soon? weeks, months?
KevTucky:: UNC, or Miss?
TCCAT1:: NBA will be tough competition for UK. They need to raise the age limit and it will improve the college game and the NBA.
KevTucky:: I agree
Justwar:: What do you know about Wilderness?
KevTucky:: The NFL provd it is legal.
TCCAT1:: I see Tyler picking UK over Missouri.
KevTucky:: Really? I hope so!
b1gblu3:: the 05 commit is not tyler? that your talking bout
TCCAT1:: Don't know alot about Wilderness, just what little people here have told me. I know the UK staff is very high on him.
TCCAT1:: The 05 committ is on hold until Tyler makes a decision.
b1gblu3:: so a PF
TCCAT1:: Yes a PF
b1gblu3:: A top notch player?
Justwar:: <---for once I figured out something on my own
TCCAT1:: Very good player, there are not many top notch player's in 05. He would fit well in UK system though.
ggWin:: what have I missed?
KevTucky:: IS the 2005 Cat a good shot?
TCCAT1:: Good shot from 12-15 ft.
b1gblu3:: What is the reason for the 06 guy holding up on commiting?
KevTucky:: It is Jlo, afraid of commitment.
TCCAT1:: Just a sec, my computer is acting up.
Bigalbert:: Well then slap it around a little bit. It'll straighten up, eh?
Bigalbert:: Are you focusing mainly on basketball tonight, or would you comment on the football team too?
KevTucky:: I might can help on fb.
BACKAGAIN:: TC, so who are the commits?
bladesdad:: that is great.....big on fb recruiting
Bigalbert:: Good. I am about famished for some solid football info.
KevTucky:: If we don't know, we can probably find out for you.
bladesdad:: yeah..just wish there would be a few commits by now
KevTucky:: There probably are.
bladesdad:: so have you talked to tony...tdky
KevTucky:: And don't forget we have several grey-shirts lined up.
Bigalbert:: Like how is S & C for the team from the spring to now. Who is looking sharp in the skellies.
KevTucky:: There will be an updte tomorrow on the skellies
KevTucky:: He heres voices, does that count?
Bigalbert:: What is going on behind the scenes. Has this class bought into the coaching, etc. How is morale?
KevTucky:: The team is led by Sweat Pea, and motivation won't be a problem.
KevTucky:: The offense likes Shane a bunch, and has for some time.
BACKAGAIN:: TC, are you present?
Mike4UK:: WLAP was saying not as many freshmen are reporting for the voluntary workouts as have in past years
KevTucky:: They are in very good shape.
Mike4UK:: TC is trying to resolve a pc issue
KevTucky:: I heard that Mike.
TDKYRay:: lets hope so
KevTucky:: The ones who wil play early are here.
Bigalbert:: Who else other than Sweet Pea? Or is he the big leader and one is enough?
KevTucky:: Jones, Little, Dewalt, Lyons
KevTucky:: Chad ANderson on D.
KevTucky:: But it is SP's defense and Shane off
bladesdad:: this team will win at least 7 to 9 games this opinion
KevTucky:: If we win vs. UL sky is the limit!!!
KevTucky:: A loss and we could suck eggs.
Mike4UK:: i am expecting 4 wins... anything more is a bonus
Bigalbert:: If you have read any of my posts, you would know that I have been saying 7 wins now for some time.
KevTucky:: The week off after week one could be a blessing or a curse.
TDKYRay:: I expect 13, but will take what we get
KevTucky:: I think 6 is a good possibility. Ala, USC, UL are winnable. MSU, IU, Vandy, and Ohio we should win.
KevTucky:: Need a break and no injuries!
TDKYRay:: I think we will win a big game that we shouldn't and may lose one as well that we shouldn't
Bigalbert:: Yeah the timing is not good in some ways. But, then again that will get us really sharply focused after a very good game. Most of the time the biggest change in the team happens between game one and two.
TDKYRay:: I too think a fast start against ul could mean big things
KevTucky:: yes
KevTucky:: It is cliche, but whomever wins the to battle wins the game
Mike4UK:: thanks for the words of wisdom Kev
TDKYRay:: but we can't give up points like last year
KevTucky:: That being said, the difference in the game this year is te play. They killed us in the 2 te sets.
Bigalbert:: Any recruiting news you can share with us before it gets to the board?
KevTucky:: They gave us some in 2002 we won. Vice versa last year.
bladesdad:: the week off is what has me worried....just don't want them to be like last yr
KevTucky:: They think they are going to outsmart us with their off.
TDKYRay:: I can't understand a bye after ul
TDKYRay:: yes they did
KevTucky:: yes

TCCAT1:: My mouse is now fixed .
Justwar:: TC, after we got a PF in this class, are we done?
TDKYRay:: If you want to be on IK you got to love football. lol
KevTucky:: I,m not TC, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Exoress last night.
KevTucky:: Express
Justwar:: you stayed at the exoress?
TDKYRay:: should have stayed longer
Justwar:: Is it related to the exorcist?
Bigalbert:: Actually, when I want to know whats going on, I check in with IK. When I want to debate, I go elsewhere................Ahem
TCCAT1:: We could possibly sign 3 but I am hoping for just 2 and hold the other's for 06.
KevTucky:: looking ahead, I like that.
KACAT:: Who are we looking at for real TC lots of names
KACAT:: I meant to say lots of names but who are the real players contending for a scholarship?
TDKYRay:: what are plan A, B, C...
bladesdad:: what positions are going to get filled?
Bigalbert:: TC Did you get a sudden case of amnesia??????? Cough, Cough??????
TCCAT1:: Plan A for 05 is Tyler H. McCauley and Wright are plan B.
TCCAT1:: We will complete 05 with those 3 remaining player's.
Bigalbert:: Do you really think we could get McCauley? I read that article about him today, and he seems like a very long shot to me.
KACAT:: TC you caught me off guard with a post saying TH might still be in the picture, does Tubby really think we are still in the race?
TCCAT1:: Big A if you are really wodering I went and took a piss.
TCCAT1:: Tubby thinks we are in the lead.
KACAT:: Serously?
Bigalbert:: Thank you very much. But, that's just more information than I think i really need. ))))
TCCAT1:: Most Canadiens have decent grades.
KACAT:: Wright has NO problems with grades very bright kid
KACAT:: damn I hate typing I can'ts spell worth a flip
Justwar:: Does Tubby figure if Missouri gets off lightly that they win pretty much?
TCCAT1:: Just type and don't worry about the spelling. I try and type to fast to worry about the spelling.
bladesdad:: well got to go... been real...wife's go thomework to do....see you all later
KACAT:: TC, can you let us in on who the commitment might be is it 06?
b1gblu3:: TC what is the reason for the 06 guy holdin off commiting
TCCAT1:: Tubby thinks UK will get him regardless.
Bigalbert:: You correctly spelled "damn". Don't give up just yet. eh?
KACAT:: Get who, the 06 guy or TH
ukfan2410:: Is Tylers mom still planning on visiting
KACAT:: BA, yea I can usually get that one right
TCCAT1:: 06 guy is just waiting on an offer. He know's it's coming so he is fine with that.
TCCAT1:: Tubby is still working on getting Tyler's mom to Lex
KACAT:: What position does he play?
TDKYRay:: how many are we looking at for 06?
TDKYRay:: schollies, that is?
KACAT:: Does Tubby and the staff feel the same way about 06, that it is kind of a down year?
Bigalbert:: What is the allure for TH's dad to UNC.?? Does he really want his son to play for Roy rather than Tubby?
TCCAT1:: 06 guy can play the 3 or the 4.
Justwar:: Did you ever hear what they thought of Semrau after seeing him at ABCD?
ukfan2410:: Is Tubby trying to get Brandan Wright to verbal before handing out this 06 offer
KACAT:: It's those loffers that Roy wears all the time
TCCAT1:: 06 is alot better than 05.
TCCAT1:: Semrau is alot like Freije from vandy so they like him alot.
KACAT:: Sounds like the 06 commit is Semrau? Is that correct?
TCCAT1:: He is not waiting on Wright to verbal.
TDKYRay:: hope more physical though
wrightspestcontrol:: T.C. youpredictedcrawford and moriss correctly Whatdo you think about Tyler
ukfan2410:: have you heard anything about Kevin Durant for 06
KACAT:: Wright will most likely be recruited a long time and probably never play college
Justwar:: Wright though has some major defiencies in his game
Justwar:: he's a lot like Eddie Griffin
Justwar:: coming out of HS
TCCAT1:: I knew Crawford in late November and Morris in January 100% without a doubt. Tyler I am not for sure but I do like our chances.
Bigalbert:: What's keeping Tyler's mom from coming for a visit? Seems like she would want to come and see the place.
KACAT:: Eddie Griffin?
Justwar:: 6'9" long, shotblocker, but doesn't have a outside shot
TCCAT1:: Wright know's he needs a year or 2 of college.
KACAT:: Yea, I remember the name just can't place the kid, were was he drafted?
Justwar:: Wright would be pretty next to Semrau
TCCAT1:: He may not go but he needs to.
Justwar:: Nets
ukfan2410:: well he's got 2 more years of high school to improve before he even gets to college
Justwar:: He played for Seton Hall
KACAT:: TC, is Williams coming for sure or do you still think he might be left out
Justwar:: I would love a shooter
TCCAT1:: Stanley Robinson is the player I want most for 06.
TCCAT1:: Williams will be a Cat.
KACAT:: I'm with you Justwar, we haven't had a shooter in ages
Justwar:: Semrau can shoot from what I understand
TCCAT1:: We need a Harvey type player in 06.
Bigalbert:: TC. Re: question above regarding TH's mother???
KACAT:: TC if you had to guess who we might get in 06 who would it be?
ukfan2410:: This Ellington kid for 06 is suppost to be a great shooter
TCCAT1:: Not sure what is keeping her from comig to Lex, I think she will make the trip.
rkirn:: Did we already ID the commits?
TCCAT1:: 06,Semrau 99.9%,Wright 60%, Robinson 60%.
rkirn:: Nice
rkirn:: Any football recruiting news?
TCCAT1:: Add Wilderness to that list also.
KACAT:: From JDrum's article I get the idea that this whole thing is wearing on TH a little. Also, I'm wishing but maybe he was a little pissed on all the UNC rummors
TCCAT1:: Dallas Walker will be the next stud QB at UK.
Bigalbert:: Are we interested at all in the Ellington kid?
Justwar:: Wilderness I remember reading has been coming to the Tubby camps for 4 years?
ukfan2410:: so do you feel like all the current freshmen will be here for more than 2 yrs
KACAT:: Who is Dallas Walker?
Bigalbert:: Try Billy Stull.
KACAT:: Any QB will have to be pretty tough to beat out Woodson
TCCAT1:: Ex NFL player Jeff Walker's son, Jeff played for the Saints and the Rams. Son is only a sophomore to be. 6'5 185lbs, 37 inch vertical, throws the football 70 yards already.
rkirn:: Dallas Walker?
KACAT:: Is he a UK fan or from Kentucky?
Bigalbert:: Billy Stull could come in and get the job. He's going to be a great one, IMO
TCCAT1:: I think all of our Freshman except Morris are locks for atleast 3 years.
KACAT:: How is Morris feeling? and playing
Justwar:: I was meaning to ask you, is Crawford even a legit 6'4"?
TCCAT1:: They live in Atlanta and are getting ready to move to Memphis. His dad wants him at UK.
KACAT:: Hey if he is in Memphis I will help recruit him
TCCAT1:: Crawford is a legit 6'4.
KACAT:: Lots of UK fans down here but UM is really getting a lot of support
TCCAT1:: They move to Memphis next week.
ukfan2410:: does anyone on here know if the 5yr thing passes will Sparks be able to play 3 more years instead of 2
wrightspestcontrol:: T.C. will antthing be going on in Lexington from August 4th through7th
KACAT:: I live in Collierville,
TCCAT1:: His dad went to Memphis and will not let his son go there.
Justwar:: Yeah that's a good question UKfan, I was wondering if they would adjust Scholarship limits
Justwar:: too
TCCAT1:: Nothing I know of Wright.
Justwar:: temporarily atleast
KACAT:: Ole Miss recruits Memphis pretty well. Let me tell you something, if they get kid on campas during the spring that's all that needs to be done. Some of the most incredible woman on earth down there.
TCCAT1:: Sparks is nasty and would of took us to the final 4 last year.
Bigalbert:: Let me be one to appologize for the horrendous mess UK put you into with the KBA stuff. I am just amazed at how short sighted these things become. Hang in there though. Everyone is really behind you TC.
ukfan2410:: Yeah i've played some pickup ball with Sparks here in Owensboro, he can really light it up
TCCAT1:: It's not UK it was one person and he will get his don't worry.
KACAT:: Absolutely TC, I think most fans understand it goes with the territory.
Justwar:: TC, lol maybe you know the guys up there well enough to help my basketball team get a better practice time;-)
Bigalbert:: Nevertheless, we're behind you
TCCAT1:: I can hook you up let me know when.
KACAT:: TC-We haven't talked much about Bradly, what kind of impact do you think he will have
TCCAT1:: appreciate it.
Justwar:: We got stuck with 5:30 to 7:30 Friday Nights
TCCAT1:: Bradley is the best defensive freshman I have watched. He will get alot of clock.
TCCAT1:: JW , what time do you need?
Justwar:: Have you seen Rondo recently?
Justwar:: Let me discuss it with a few people I'll get back with you
TCCAT1:: Not seen him for over a week or so.
ukfan2410:: Does he talk as much smack as we've been led to believe, Bradley that is?
TCCAT1:: Sparks talk's more @#%$ than anyone.
Bigalbert:: How do you see Carrier being used this year. Doesn't seem like there is anywhere for him to play?
TCCAT1:: Don't see Josh getting much time at all.
Justwar:: I'll email you tonight or tomorrow , I don't wanna waste peoples time reading my garbage:-)
KACAT:: Sounds like Perry might be ready to step up and get some clock
TCCAT1:: Are all those people on the right of the screen asleep?
ukfan2410:: Yeah and Pat is one of those guys when you look at him and he starts talking you think he's no good at all and then he lights you up
TCCAT1:: Perry is looking good in scrimmages, he is knocking down the jumpers.
Bigalbert:: Is alleyne goiing to red-shirt?
KACAT:: So has Tubby changed anything with his recruiting or is it just a matter of him getting use to being the UK coach?
TCCAT1:: Sparks is the real deal, Alleyne redshirting is a must.
TCCAT1:: Tubby is just taking recruiting into his own hands more now.
ukfan2410:: do you think Rondo will get frustrated with Sparks getting so many of the minutes or will Rondo get enough to make him happy
Bigalbert:: One thing I don't understand is why so many people seem to diminish Sparks in their talk. Like by Dec. Rondo will be playing the point and will take Sparks out of the starting position., etc.
Justwar:: He just needs a ACE, a guy that will be loyal that will be a ace recruiter
ukfan2410:: people who down Sparks just haven't seen him play
Justwar:: people are dumb, if we didn't have him, they would say "oh Tubby doesn't play white guys" and now that we're going to play him, they diminish him.
Bigalbert:: Felton said he was the best pg he had ever coached. I don't understand the under estimating crap.??
Bigalbert:: Thanks guys. I am checking out. Go Cats.
KACAT:: I think most just get carried away with McD AA, Bradley is a forgotten man as well.
TCCAT1:: Sparks will start at the point all year as long as he is healthy. During some games he may slide to the 2 when Rondo comes in.
Justwar:: People are unrealistic too, people think that Rondo will have 10 assist games this season
Justwar:: 10 assist games on the college level are rare
Justwar:: even for ELITE point guards
Mike4UK:: will Bradley play any point or is he a 2 in Tubb'y scheme?
TCCAT1:: Bradley will get some time at the 1 and 2. He is more of a 1 imo.
TCCAT1:: 10 assist is not very common I agree.
KACAT:: The guy I'm hoping steps it up some is Woo. We need this guy to be a contributor as well as Thomas
ukfan2410:: we'll probably see some 3 guard sets this year more than in the past, don't you think?
freshshava:: TC, do you think that Morris will dominate on the inside enough to be 2nd or 3rd team ALL SEC?
Mike4UK:: heck I hope we see 4 guards heh
TCCAT1:: We can run 3 guards and run teams to death.
TCCAT1:: He wont dominate but he will be good enough to make 2nd or 3rd team.
KACAT:: Will this year be the year for Kaz, I can't remember a more physical looking 3 playing at UK
freshshava:: what are your predictions on Morris.....10 and 6?
TCCAT1:: Kaz has worked on his handle all summer and is looking very good.
TCCAT1:: 10 and 6 I would be happy with.
freshshava:: is it realistic?
ukfan2410:: Kaz seems like a really great kid, I hope he has a breakout season
TCCAT1:: 10 and 6 I see no problem with for Morris.
Justwar:: Is that hot 3pt shooting last year early in the 3 a lucky start or is he shooting that well still?
TCCAT1:: He is shooting very well and so is Crawford.
ukfan2410:: hopefully Tubby won't have to use any more Tarzan and Jane comments to fire him up this year
Justwar:: Did that Nike camp experience help Chuck at all or nothing much?
freshshava:: what freshman will be the most effective in your opinion and why?
TCCAT1:: I have not talked to him at all since then.
ukfan2410:: Chuck will be Chuck we have nothing to worry about with him
ukfan2410:: were loaded on the outside, so I hope Chuck stays around the basket and just punishes people
TCCAT1:: Morris will be because he has the tools inside to get it done on both ends of the court. UAB killed us driving inside, they try that with Morris and it will end up about 7 rows up in the stands.
Justwar:: Has Sheray got in town since the Canadian thing?
TCCAT1:: Crawford will also be a force, he is one of the more athletic guards to play at UK.
freshshava:: Do you think Crawford freshmen year will be similar to Bogans' or better?
TCCAT1:: I thinks Crawfords entire career will be better.
KACAT:: UK in all honestly, did it with smoke and mirrors last year. We didn't have the talent to make the final four let alone be a number one seed. Hats off to Tubby for a fantastic coaching job
TCCAT1:: I am a huge Bogans fan also, I just think Crawford has more all around game than Bogans and a much better shot.
freshshava:: does it seem like the freshmen class is getting along well with each other?
TCCAT1:: Sparks and Morris on last years team would of made a very tough team to beat.
Justwar:: I don't think we give our defense enough credit. Guys that we think aren't good defenders go into the NBA and turn into defensive stoppers
Justwar:: Bogans wasn't even known for his D here
Justwar:: Now he's a NBA stopper
TCCAT1:: Bogans will have a long NBA career.
Justwar:: Erik Daniels is praised for his defense in Sacramento and most didn't think he was a great defender
Justwar:: Only thing we lacked last year was decision making
Justwar:: thats my opinion
Justwar:: Cliff made bad decisions
TCCAT1:: IF ED was 6'9 he would be a tough player in the NBA.
Justwar:: I sometimes wonder if CH is a legit 6'5"
Mike4UK:: 6'9" with or without the fro?
TCCAT1:: We needed a legit force in the middle last year. No one is scared to take it inside against a 6'7 center.
Justwar:: CH was definitely shorter then ED
Justwar:: I thought at least 2 inches
TCCAT1:: I am 6"3 and chuch for sure has me by atleast 3 inches.
TCCAT1:: chuck not chuch.
freshshava:: Did Woo attend a big man camp or was that all rumor
TCCAT1:: Not that I am aware of. Both him and Shag should of been sent, makes no sense to me.
freshshava:: any progress for those guys that is worth reporting?
TCCAT1:: We must of bored Sigma to death he was here for 8 seconds.
Justwar:: TC I believe Magloire is coming in town the 20th of August for a week
TCCAT1:: Woo is looking damn good.
freshshava:: really?
TCCAT1:: He play's like a mad man when he plays against Nazr.
TDKYRay:: with his back to the basket?
Justwar:: Maybe start a NAZR chant when woo comes into the game
freshshava:: is Woo going to be a legit back up this year?
Justwar:: maybe it will piss him off
TCCAT1:: When I have watched he has been shooting more from 10-15 ft out and hitting most of his shots.
Bigalbert:: TC. Are you ever going to be able to talk about that story behind the Joe Crawford recruiting that you had mentioned several months ago?
TCCAT1:: Woo will be a solid back up.
Justwar:: Woo certainly can't be any worse then Craig Forth
freshshava:: And Shag....any progress?
TCCAT1:: Not alot of info on the Crawford recruiting. Midnight madness sold his mom on the spot, his parents also felt good about Tubby taking care of there kid while he was here.
KACAT:: Was the Morris family really that put off by the Ga Tech coach?
TCCAT1:: After the season starts I will give more info on the Crawford and Morris recruiting.
Justwar:: I heard the only good quality Rigot has is eye for talent
KACAT:: Biggest question, Can we beat U of L this year?
Justwar:: I had heard he sold the staff on Bradley
TDKYRay:: we can beat them every year
TDKYRay:: we just don't
TCCAT1:: Bearup is the reason Bradley is at UK.
TCCAT1:: I think we will smoke UL in both sports this year.
KACAT:: It would be nice to return the sweep. The only problem I have with this site is too many Tard fans on it
freshshava:: TC any word on the court ruling with exempt tourney......basically is there going to be a UK-DUKE match up?
KACAT:: Barnhart said no
ropadope:: Sorry to bother you guys, but can someone fill me in on the recruiting scoop? Any names out there TCCAT that I should get familiar with (05 and 06) class
TCCAT1:: 05, Hansbrough,McCauley,Wright. 06, Semrau,Wright,Robinson,Wilderness.
freshshava:: TC, how is Bobby Perry he finally injury free?
Mike4UK:: Wilderness, what a cool name hehe
ropadope:: Thanks TCCAT, is Semrau the 06 guy that you think will comit if Tubby offers?
TCCAT1:: Playing well and is hitting his jumper. Has packed on some muscle also.
TCCAT1:: Yes.
ropadope:: What about 05?
freshshava:: good to you see Perry getting much clock this year?
Bigalbert:: Do you think Adam Williams will be in next years class? If yes, why, if no, why?
TCCAT1:: The 3 above will be the ones that complete our 05 recruiting. We will get 1 maybe 2 of the 3.
Mike4UK:: yes on AW
ropadope:: I think Perry will be the biggest surprsise of the season.
ropadope:: TCCAT, what have you heard about Wright's interest in UK? I know we just started contacting him.
Bigalbert:: Thanks Mike, what do you say about AW TC?
TCCAT1:: Williams will be here. Perry will get some time backing up the 3 spot. Williams will be here because it is his dream to play at UK and tubby will stick to his scholarship offer.
TCCAT1:: Wright is very interested in UK.
Bigalbert:: Cool. Thanks.
ropadope:: I say go ahead and ink Wright in the fall and continue to recruit Tasmin into the spring.
TCCAT1:: No way Mitchell comes to UK
ropadope:: I had given up on TH until the last few days, I think we still have a chance with him. Not really sure about Tasmin.
TCCAT1:: 10 times better chance with Tyler than we do Tasmin. Mom wants him to stay at home and he will.
ropadope:: Do you think Brandon Wright will end up in college or NBA?
TCCAT1:: Wright to UK for 1 year maybe 2.
TCCAT1:: They need to go on and raise the age limit and improve the college game and the NBA.
freshshava:: i couldn't agree more
Justwar:: or they need to make it so that teams wouldn't take the projects
ropadope:: Hey TCCAT, I hear that Missouri is doing just enough to with Tyler to actually help UK. They are really selling him on the idea of playing close to home. The distance factor may come back to be in UK's favor over UNC.
Justwar:: and would only take the Lebrons
Justwar:: Garnetts
Justwar:: and Kobes
ropadope:: and the Nbi Edi's
Justwar:: yeah im saying find a way to make it where the guys that are legitly ready get chosen
Justwar:: but the guys who aren't don't.
TCCAT1:: Raise the limit to 20 and that would help everyone on all sides.
Justwar:: I just am not sure it helps Lebron James
Justwar:: i think he would of scored 35 points per game in college
Justwar:: Not sure if he would of gotten better with the 20 hour limit
ropadope:: TCCAT, how would you describe Ryan Wright's game and where is he generally ranked?
Justwar:: But Ebi is a good example
Justwar:: JR Smith another
Justwar:: Korleone Young
Bigalbert:: So. Lots of really good players scored a lot of points in the college game before going pro for years.
TCCAT1:: It doesn't but those type of player's are so rare. For every one player like that you have 15 or 20 that are bust.
ropadope:: TCCAT, any luck with the car lot?
TCCAT1:: Don't know alot about Wright, he just became a hot item in the last month. They say he has a very good inside game and has tons of upside.
Mike4UK:: covered a lot of stuff
TCCAT1:: This car lot is about to wear me down. Trying to find a decent lot in Lexington is almost impossible.
Justwar:: good, we talked a lot about you backnblue.
freshshava:: TC, has Robbie improved over the summer and if so will he see much clock this season?
ropadope:: Thanks for the news, see you guys later.
Mike4UK:: you ask too many questions :P
Mike4UK:: j/k
Justwar:: you have asked a lot of questions since coming in here, you might be a good competitor for Ken on Jeoperdy.
TCCAT1:: Who is Robbie??
BackNBlue:: I've always felt I had lots more questions than answers.
Justwar:: I think he meant Ravi Moss

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