Cats' Losing Ground on Hot 100 Prospect

<i>Inside Kentucky</i> was the first to report that the Wildcats had extended an offer to South Hot 100, Alonzo Horton from New Orleans (LA). We checked in with Horton, to check on his newest offers from South Carolina, Bowling Green, Indiana, and Tennessee.....

New Orleans (La) LB/DE Alonzo Horton (6-3, 215, 4.7) says he's trying to keep an open mind but admits that LSU (camp) and Auburn (camp, childhood fave) are tied for the lead over the rest of the SEC (including Kentucky) and Miami. The youngster from Abramson HS says he has offers from every SEC school except LSU and Vanderbilt.

Miami hasn't offered either.

"I don't know why I haven't gotten an offer from LSU. I'd like an offer from them because they're the home state school," said Horton. "My friend (also team-mate) Chris Turner (DE) is being recruited by LSU and we want to go to the same school."

"I do like the fact that LSU is close to home, but even though it's close to home that doesn't mean it's right for me. Whatever school I pick, I'll be stuck there for four years. So I'm really trying to keep it open for now.

"I talked to the head coach (Nick Saban) personally. He told me he really likes me and they want me to play for them. They have a limited number of scholarships, but I'm hoping to get one still.

"I liked the LSU camp because we did everything the way the team practices it. Their workouts are very intense but they still focus a lot on hard work and the classroom.

"I visited Auburn and I liked how I felt at home on their campus. I felt like I was at LSU.

"I've been following Auburn since my soph year, they were the first to recruit me. Being recruited early by a school like Auburn really motivated me.

"I like the Auburn coaches. They show me a lot of love. I also like their coaching style because it reminds me of my coaches right now. They really work out hard but they also treat you like you're one of their own kids.

"I use the fact that I'm lighter than most OLs to my advantage. I use my speed to get him (my opponent) to lean to one side, then I use their weight against then so they lose their balance. I want to be like the Michael Jordan of my team. I want to get them to play on the same level of intensity as me--and get it done. I want to be able to improve the team by improving myself and then making them play at my level.

"I need to work on taking better angles to the ball carrier."

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