Rich To Get Richer?

Kentucky has been recruiting three kids from the same high school in Richie Rich, Mam Nyang, and Boyd Coleman. The gem of the group appears to be Rich, and while the Cats have made significant strides with Nyang and Coleman, they still are behind the 8-ball with Rich....

Richie Rich is an electrifying running back from Wheeler High School in Marietta, Ga. that has picked up a slew of new offers since we last checked in. He is a member of the South Hot 100, and he has updated his Top 5.

"Wake Forest, Duke, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tulane, and Louisville are my newest offers," said Rich. "My Top 5 right now is NC State, Miami, Florida State, Oklahoma, and UCLA."

Rich commented on his favorites.

"NC State runs the spread offense. I also like Coach Mazzone; I've talked with him several times. Miami has a lot of prestige at the school; they've contacted me, but they haven't offered yet. I would also like the opportunity to play for Coach Bowden at FSU, and I'm still hoping they call me. Oklahoma has a wide open offense, and there is a lot of tradition over there. Coach Bienemy is recruiting me for UCLA. I was very impressed with him when he came by the school to see me."

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