Exclusive Interview with James McKinney

Here is an exclusive interview with James McKinney, the defensive tackle prospect from Central High School in Louisville (KY)

James McKinney, DT, 6-3, 275, 4.9, LOUISVILLE (CENTRAL HS), KENTUCKY:

JH: How has your summer gone?

JM: "I have stayed in Louisville working out. I didn't get a chance to visit any schools unofficially. I went to camp at Michigan and Kentucky. I have been running and lifting weights all summer. I strained my lumbar in my back lifting weights and I had to back off a little bit."

JH: How did you do in the camps?

JH: "I did well at those camps. I got the tight end award at Michigan. At Kentucky, I did well and it was fun. I went up against some good players at both camps. Cory Zirbel impressed me at Michigan. He was pretty decent. At UK it was Kenny Ray Turner, who committed to Kentucky.

JH: How many offers do you have?

JM: "The last time I counted my list was up to 35. I have to go home and check my mail. I haven't checked my mail in about a month. I haven't been home because I have been visiting family this summer."

JH: How you managed to get you're recruiting down any further since the last time we talked?

JM: "I narrowed my choices down to 14 schools last month. It has been pretty tough to narrow it down any more since then. I want to narrow it down to six pretty soon, but that is going to be very tough."

JH: Who are the schools you are still considering?

JM: "I am still considering Michigan, Ohio State, USC, Oregon, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Clemson, Boston College, Florida, LSU, Kentucky, U of L and Cincinnati."

JH: Since you have visits set with Nebraska and Michigan, are they your leaders?

JM: "I am wide open right now. I have just set a visit with Nebraska because they showed me a visit list and I took a slot. OU showed me their visit list and I am considering visiting there."

JH: When do you hope to set your visits?

JM: "I want my visits to be set before September because I want them set before my season starts. I am going to Louisville on September 5 unofficially and I want to get my visits set so that I can visit the other four schools unofficially."

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