Archer, Assistants Speak For Coach Brooks on Wed.

IK Moderator Catonahottinroof (Darin) attended the annual Louisville gathering yesterday as Assistant Coaches Mike Archer, Ron Hudson, and Joker Phillips filled in for Coach Rich Brooks, whom was attending a funeral. See what they had to say....

"One other thing of note, Coach Hudson was very iffy on the status of Rafael Little playing this year, he may redshirt or he may play due to our numbers situation, but apparently his injury was a little worse than reported. Lyons, DeWalt and Micah Jones will probably see action this year.

I can only reiterate what Terry posted. Coach Archer has a very quiet confidence about his unit.

He also stated that all but 6 of our players are currently on campus to workout before the start of practice on the 9th.

He said the team is stronger, runs faster, and jumps higher than last year. We still need more (and better) players. Defensive players understand they have a responsiblity to win ballgames, not just keep us in them. Said they have pride and that leaders are emerging that he did not expect.

Coach Archer said the reason he came back to UK was due to the support the fans give. He said he has been asked repeatedly why he would go back to UK. He said the fans are great, and the people of Kentucky are great too.

Coach Hudson gave a little drill about how the QB and line have to adjust to audibles, fake audibles and snap count changes. It was pretty entertaining since only half the audience can understand what the correct snap count should be. He used this analogy to show what the new lineman are facing in our offense.

Coach Hudson said he feels at home in Lexington. Felt that he has been well received. He talked about some call in shows that he referred to as "yell in" shows that fans took him to task. He said he can take the criticism and he knows what it will take to win. Both Coaches Archer and Hudson said there is no quick fix to repair a declining football program. Hard work, recruiting and good use of resources are the key. All feel we are making the best use of the players that we have at this time.

Coach Phillips did alude that every thursday, the staff breaks down film and grades players in the recruiting process. Every coach puts his eyes the players and the make a decision by committee as to the players they will pursue. That way they do not pursue players that cannot contribute. Said they have more offers out at this time than last year, and we are in on big time recruits at the current time.

He also stated that we need 4-6 lineman in the next class. At the conclusion of last season, we only had 5 O-lineman on scholarship, and at the conclusion of this season we will have 9 on scholarship. He said that we should have 18-20 lineman on scholarship in any given season. For those who don't understand how the probation hit us, this is the biggest area where we lack bodies.

He also said we would never turn down a star athlete even if we are stacked at that position. He said we will take 2 QB's in the next class. He said the frosh safeties are the real deal and will contribute immediately. Will be recruiting for 2-3 OLB's for Coach Archer He said Coach Archer is very pleased with the talent that he has to work with, but he wants to make the players better.

Coach Phillips also said we will alot a scholarship for a punter. He has also told Sevin Sucorivic that he needs to step up and win games for us by giving the defense longer fields to defend.

Coach Hudson was praising Shane as a leader. Said he had Lonnell DeWalt with him last week, teaching him the offense. Also said that Andre Woodson has DeWalt this week. Shane is also the "Coach"on the skellies, and has been doing a great job in getting players there and keeping them in conditioning drills."

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