Micah Jones Officially a Wildcat

Micah Jones is being counted on as a player that will more then likely be needed to help an offensive line that is very thin in depth. In this exclusive in depth interview, the offensive line prospect from Mayfield talks about his expectations and the year ahead.

Micah Jones has officially reported to the team and staked his claim to Wildcat fans throughout the state.

"We're just ready to get started," Jones said. "I think everyone in the locker room, everyone that reported is just ready to get started. The summer was hard, the conditioning, the lifting, the running and everything. I think everybody improved, all of us."

Jones was a little tentative about talking about anything regarding his future, especially about starting.

"Right now, I guess have to see when I come out tomorrow and everything. I'll just have to see where I am. We're all just ready to get this thing started."

Jones is expected to be considered among the talented group of freshmen that might not redshirt this season.

"I know I gotta be ready, I am just gonna have to get my mind ready to play and be ready to start."

"You have got to be ready," Jones said. "If you don't have your mind right, you are going to be knocked out. You have to be ready to play this sport."

Jones also commented about tomorrow's first practice and two-a-days set to come in the next few weeks.

"Two-a-days are gonna be rough for everybody, but I am gonna be ready for it; at least I hope so."

"I am getting back to my running and everything. It's been 7 months since high school football, so I am looking forward to getting at it again."

At 325 pounds of beef, Micah Jones certainly fits the bill of a freshmen that can come in and at least help Kentucky this year.

"It's been nice to come in," Jones said. "It's been exciting to me to see the guys who are older and are more advanced in what they do. I think us freshmen coming in can push them more than anybody did last year. I think its better."

"I really don't want too many high expectations, becuase the college level is different then high school. Of course every freshmen wants playing time, but I also want what's best for the future."

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