Tedd "The Bull" Bullock Reports to Lexington

One of the many superstars of the freshmen class that has really fallen through the cracks is Tedd Bullock, an incoming freshmen linebacker from Ohio. Bullock, whom is 19 years old, talks a little bit about redshirting and the prospects of the future as well as the unit.

Tedd Bullock is ready and he is proud to be apart of a defensive unit that will have more then its share of competition.

"I think we're doing real good, things are really fallen into place for (the linebacking corps)," Linebacker Tedd Bullock told Inside Kentucky. "The guys that were here last year are a lot more prepared then this past year with Brooks' first season."

Being from Ohio, Bullock had his share of people whispering in his ear to stay closer to home, but in the end the most important factor was the staff.

"I think with Kentucky, just the facilities and the coaching staff. They have 78 years of NFL experience, you just can't beat that."

The Lucasville Valley star fielded many questions about the possibility of him playing this year.

"It's still up in the air, I don't exactly what is gonna happen, we'll see in a couple of weeks," Bullock stated. "You just never know what can happen and you never can tell. I just need to learn the schemes, so I can make that decision a little easier on them."

"Being redshirted, their is no downside to being redshirt. You are always gonna be better the older you get."

"I'll be 23 if I get redshirted as a senior, so that can only be an upside."

"There is a lot of terminology. Once I get that stuff down and it pops right in, I'll be ready to go. I had no problems in the 7-on-7 this summer, so I think that's positive."

If he doesn't get to play this year, Bullock still hopes to help the team in other ways.

"My expectations are to do the best I can and do what I can to help. Whether its redshirting or not."

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