Woodyard will do his part to woo LaGrange

Much has been made about the LaGrange group of stars that are looking to make their college choice prior to February. With UK having an in-road with the arrival of Wesley Woodyard, the Cats have stayed towards or at the top of each respective players list.

"My former teammate is there. If I went to Kentucky that would be real positive for me and Wesley. It would be nice to play with Wesley again." --- 5 star linebacker Tray Blackmon

"My teammate goes to school there," -- Kelly Reed

"My boy Wesley goes to school there and I would love to play with him again," -- Justin Patterson

"We had a lot of talent there, I will tell you that," Wesley Woodyard told Inside Kentucky at UK Media Days. "We just came together very quickly and really made it a point to work hard and commit ourselves to the team."

Woodyard has kept in close contact with a lot of those guys back home, including many of whom UK has offered. The comments above represent just how much respect they have for Wesley and their friendship with him.

"I am in there ears all the time trying to get those guys to come up here with me," Woodyard stated. "It would really be something to have a chance to play with them again. We had a special group back then and we are always talking about playing together again. I talk to them at least once a week and let them know all about what's going on up here."

The Wildcats currently have extended offers to Braxton Kelly, DeMoreo Ford, and Tray Blackmon and are evaluating current LaGrange seniors Kelly Reed, Justin Patterson, and Travis Hart. Not to be overlooked is former teammate Emmanual Harrell, whom signed with UK two years ago.

"Football is very special to the people in my home town," Woodyard said. "I will never forget the experience of last season."

"We've had some great players come through and I am glad to have had a chance to play there."

Woodyard has made one consistent proclamation to whomever wants to hear it:

"I tell those boys all the time, we can build a championship here," Woodyard exclaimed. "We did it at LaGrange, we can do it here."

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