Cats Score Big Coup in Recruiting

Kentucky has scored a very big coup and if luck should have it, will bring in three of their most sought after recruits for one glorious official visit in September.

The Wildcats will have a host of athletes set to come in for their game annual matchup versus Indiana, but three will definitely be the subject of conversation.

"Me (DeMoreo Ford), Braxton (Braxton Kelly) and Tray (Tray Blackmon) are going to Kentucky on our off week (9-17)," Ford said. "They seem really excited about football up there right now."

Most likely, the Cats will have their best shot at garnering a commitment from Ford.

"I'm just waiting for the right moment really. I'm going to visit up there on our open week which is like 3 or 4 weeks from now to see some more of the program. The main thing I'm looking at is just the competition level."

"Kentucky is the leader. I always wanted to go there since my uncle Quinton McCord played for them. I used to go watch his games, and I just imagined playing in their facilities."

Kelly's recruitment has also been favoring the Wildcats, despite an early offer from Virginia Tech to challenge.

"I like Kentucky because I've met a lot of their some coaches and they are real nice people."

Blackmon is the gem of the group and the most important to get on campus for the official visit. Opportunity is only best seen through the eyes of the individual player, and that is something that cannot be just convinced through words.

"I really like Kentucky and Coach Phillips," Blackmon said. "I think I could play right away at Kentucky and make an impact as soon as I get there."

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