Practice Notebook - August 19th

Latest on Sweet Pea, Tony Dixon, and more...

Abren could be cleared to play as early as next week
Word around the team was that Ricky Abren will more then likely be cleared of his stolen gun charges SHORTLY and plead guilty to a misdemeanor traffic infraction. The stolen gun possession charge is apparently going to be dropped because the gun was stolen during a time where Abren was alledgedly in school in Lexington. Good news considering it looked as if Jason Leger would more then likely have to play this year and not redshirt. With Abren looking able to play this year, I don't think the staff will waste such a valuable year of conditioning and weight lifting for Leger.

Sweet Pea's Surgery a Success
According to Coach Brooks, Sweet Pea Burns' surgery was a successful one to say the least;

"Everything went fine," he said. "This was a very small tear, and it appeared to be a pretty simple process. It was a clean nip out of there, and they didn't spend a whole lot of time."

The coaches are expecting the senior defensive end to be back in time for practice next week.

Parsons Out with Knee Injury
After looking like a manchild and offering an additional monster motor on defensive, B.J. Parsons suffered a set-back yesterday as he did not practice from an injury sustained in Wednesday's 7-on-7. He will be back next week, but the lost practice days are gonna hurt his chances of moving up the depth chart.

Lyons Gets Punished
As reported by our WVLK-AM 590 team of expert media man, Dicky Lyons was punished severly by Coach Brooks for violating what Brooks calls a "simple" team rule. Brooks had Dicky running up-downs across the field to the cheers and jeers of Coach Joker Phillips and the rest of the Wildcat football team.

Coach Brown on Dixon
"He's a running back, dangumit," Coach Brown said on Tony Dixon.

According to Brown when he recruited Dixon to corner, he expected it to be very difficult if he got his shot at playing corner to keep him there.

He was right.

Had Dixon not gotten hurt again yesterday, their might have been a chance he would play this year as a true freshmen

After having three straight fabulous 40 yard scampers, you couldn't help but see the look on Brown's face as if to say to the offensive coaches, you can have him back.

Huff sits out practice
Matt Huff sat out practice and was not happy about it.

"They had me sit out because of this ankle, but I am fine," Huff said. "I didn't want to sit out."

True Freshmen Micah Jones and Joe Brady saw time in his place.

Nobody Likes Woodson?
Among those that had another bad showing was Woodson. I have been criticized and run through the ground for saying it, but I dont' think the coaching staff has many nice things to say about Woodson these days. His on again, off again play has really worried the staff if anything goes wrong.

"He makes one big play, then he makes one freshmen mistake again," Brooks said. "I dont know what we have to do, to be honest. Its frustating"

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