IK Practice Notebook -- August 20th

Latest on Dominic Lewis, Dustin Williams, and our feature story on Dennis Johnson.

Words cannot describe just how excited Dennis Johnson is about getting on the playing field against Louisville.

"Man, I've been waiting for this since I first came to school here two years ago," Johnson explained. "I can't wait till September 5th."

With Dustin Williams out, all eyes will be on the former junior college transfer walk-on.

"You can't replace a guy like him, especially someone with the experience of Dustin," Johnson continued. "But our unit is so close and we are always switching, so we are not worried about missing a beat."

The 6'0 245 pound product is not the biggest of linebackers, but his speed and nack for making the big play will be a refreshing addition to the linebacking corp.

"I just try to help the team and not worry about the other things," Johnson stated. "Coach Archer talks about being smart out there and that is just what I try to do."

"Our unit is very close and we switch guys in and out all the time, so we've had experience playing along side each other."

Wildcat fans hope that the hard work of Johnson carries over to a big game against their arch rival on September 5th.

"We'll be ready to play, no doubt about that," Johnson said. "We want to be the best defense in the SEC and the best linebacker unit in the SEC."

Practices Now Closed for Media as well
Tonight's evening session was the last practice Media representatives are allowed to attend practice. From now on the media will be shut out with the exception of post-practice interviews. We'll start doing more feature stories now.

Dixon Returns to Offensive
Almost a week since he had an opportunity to play offense, the coaching staff has kept the hgih school star on offense as Coach Brown did not put up much fight to keep him on his side.

"When I recruited him, I knew the boy could play running back at this level," Brown said. "We fought with him, but the boy's a running back."

Rafael Little catches punts
Although he was not decked out in his shorts and pads like the rest of the team. Rafael Little did catch punts in the evening session. A small sign that he perhaps is ready to start practicing soon.

"I'm at about 75% right now," Little said. "Things are getting better, I know I feel better."

Burton, Greer Sit Out Practice
No word yet on why they sat out practice but Keenan and Dallas Greer both were not decked out in pads in the evening session. They were there for the morning session. There were no new injuries to report other then the unknown status of Greer and Burton. Both appeared to be just preliminary precautions as Burton was still running around.

Dustin Williams Off Crutches
Although he still is noticably not healthy, Dustin Williams appears to be moving around a little better now that he is off crutches.

"If this is the worst thing to happen to me in my life, I guess I should consider myself lucky," Williams said.

Good point.

Dominic Lewis Continues to Impress
While the coaching staff and media have been quick to point at the second team offensive unit as disappointing this pre-season, what should not be lost is the impressive play of Dominic Lewis.

Moving forward from his impressive spring where he starred in the spring game from start to finish, Lewis continues to show impressive skills for his size as well as an uncanny ability to make catches out of the backfield. He reminds me of a young Anthony White with more size.

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