Most Wanted: Deaderick to Narrow it Down

Among the many stars in the Bluegrass state this year is Elizabethtown's Brandon Deaderick. The stud defensive end chatted with <i>TheInsiders</i> in this exclusive breakdown interview.

"It's going pretty good," Elizabethtown Defensive End/Linebacker Brandon Deaderick said. "I have begun trying to narrow down my choices. Its been pretty hectic, but I should have things narrowed down before the end of the month. I have already started thinking about official visits."

Among those candidates are a host of Southern flavored football schools.

"I know I will be visiting Auburn definitely and most likely Alabama too."

The Elizabethtown (KY) senior sports offers from a list of top programs that includes Louisville, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan State, Cincinnati, North Carolina and most recently, N.C. State.

"My latest offer was from NC State," Deaderick said. "I would say I am interested in them because they have offered our quarterback and he made a trip down there and said some nice things about it."

"I am not ready to name a top five or anything, but the schools that are in my top five know who they are and they will get a visit. A couple of other schools haven't offered yet and are still waiting to decide."

According to last year's second team All-Stater that could mean more schools could get visits.

"It might be 6 or 7 visits, if I can knock out some of the closer schools with unofficial visits like Louisville, Kentucky, and Ohio State."

Deaderick has experienced a lot since the start of his recruitment in February.

"Right now, we still are just being recruited, we haven't really even hit the meat of the recruiting season. Right now, they tell you what you want to hear and try to keep you interested."

"That's why I have taken my time and have only begun to narrow things down."

The hometown Wildcats have been percieved to be the leader for Deaderick after a very positive unofficial visit in July.

"I am very interested in Kentucky," Deaderick stated. "I feel a sort of loyalty towards them because they have been on me for so long. They were also one of the first teams to offer me and they are the in-state school."

"I plan on going to a couple of games this season."

And one thing that will keep the Cats towards the top is their coaching staff.

"That is one thing that really sticks out about Kentucky," Deaderick continued. "They have a really good staff right now that can take you to the next level. They have a ton of NFL experience and I think they'll be there for a while." "That's something the Wildcats have had a history of doing of late is cutting coaches loose. I want to go to a place where the coach is gonna be there all four years and is gonna stick around."

Asked if location would be a factor, Brandon dismissed the notion that it was a necessity for his family and friends to watch him play.

"It would be nice but my parents want what is best for me. I don't wanna go somewhere close just so they can see me play and lose. I want a place I can grow and mature into the best football player possible. That could be right here in Lexington or Los Angeles (USC)."

The state's top defensive end has helped move one of the state's best high school teams to an early 2-0 start.

"We're 2-0 right now, we beat our rival last night, 42-14 and that was only because we put in the JV squad. The week prior we beat Mason County, 35-21."

"I've performed pretty well, people aren't giving me much of a chance, because they keep running balls to the opposite side. I've been getting double and triple teamed."

"That's not necessarily a bad thing though cause it gives my teammates a chance to make a play."

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