Jimmy St. Louis Diary: Glenville State Game

After a huge opening win over Glenville State (56-3), Murray State senior tight end Jimmy St. Louis and I locked eyes as he came off the field. A Racer fan can't help but feel optimistic following the opening game victory.

Game 1 Glenville State, August 28, 2004
By: Jimmy St. Louis

"I was happy with it, but we are going to have to work on our passing game. Our passing game still didn't look very good today, and we've still got to spread the field more. When we go up to UCONN, we can't expect to just run the ball every play and expect to do the same thing. Then again, we also showed some improvement. We've got some great players, and they are going to be able to make some big plays for us. I'm excited about that, too."

"This game from a fan's standpoint was very good. We won 56-3, and we had some awesome plays. I was lucky enough to be voted offensive captain, which I was very happy about because it shows that I have gained the respect of my teammates through my hard work."

"Tonight, we really did a good job of featuring some of our new players, and also showing off some of the older players that were excited to get out there and hit someone else besides our own teammates. Nick Turner really is an awesome player for us. He had three punt returns for touchdowns, but two were called back. We had a decent day passing the ball, but we have a lot of improving to do. I had four catches tonight (38 yards), which is fine because I only played about 2.5 quarters. Hopefully, I will continue to be our leading receiver; however, I am also willing to do whatever it takes to win. In fact, most of the starters only played about the first three quarters of the game. We had 604 yards of total offense, and up until the fourth quarter the defense had given up less than 100 yards. We still only gave up about 190 for the game."

"Even though we had some awesome plays, we were still pretty sloppy on film. We had some good points, but we had just as many bad points. I had some very good blocks, but I also had a lot of mistakes that can and will be corrected before our next game at UCONN. It was really hard to play extremely well against these guys because they had more of a stand-up and read-the-play defense instead of coming off the ball hard. We are used to more aggressive defenses. I am very excited to play against UCONN because they will have some great players, and it will be a good chance to show my potential to everybody."

"I think we had a mediocre game at best, and we have to improve if we are going to keep winning."

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