High Interest in Echefu

Uche Echefu isn't your typical 2005 recruit. He doesn't have any visits set up because there's a process in place at Montrose Christian (Md.) and he hasn't reached the visitation stage of his recruitment, but he continues to list the Big Blue among his choices and says the Cats are extremely interested. Read the latest...

Stu Vetter, the head coach at Montrose Christian (Md.), generally plays a key role in the recruiting process of his players. He's kind of like a tour guide who makes sure kids see the entire exhibit, not just the opening galleries.

Take Uche Echefu for instance. The 6-foot-8 1/2, 230-pound Nigerian power forward doesn't have any official visits set up. According to Vetter, the schools that really want him still have to show their hands by dropping by for an in-school visit.

"We'll do some [in school visits] before they would visit the school," Vetter said. "For instance, if a school wants him to visit their campus they would have to come to our campus first, lay out they're whole program and they'll he'll decide if he wants to visit that school."

For now, the 18-year-old Echefu said his top three schools are Kentucky will be coming in to watch him work out in mid-September.

``I want to go somewhere that I can get my degree and play for a good coach," said Echefu, who has a 3.7 GPA. "Someone that will help me with my game and also help me with life."

This summer, Echefu took some steps toward solidifying himself as a top prospect. He won three separate awards at Five-Star Camp. He was terrific at Nike Camp. Good enough to vault himself into the Top 50. After Nike, he immediately went back to work on his game.

"Uche's developed into one of the top players in the country," Vetter said. "He's worked very hard on individual improvement. He hasn't traveled around and played in a lot of events because he decided that he wanted to develop his game. By doing that he's developed into one of the best players in the country."

``He's got so much potential," added Montrose assistant David Adkins. "He's only been playing since 2000 and then he came over and hurt his knee. Last year was his first full year playing basketball. He gets better every day. He just wants to get better and he's willing to work at it."

Vetter keeps the recruiting process very organized and deliberate because he's got his player's best interests involved. For instance, his players generally sign scholarship agreement papers which only bind the school to the player instead of the ever-binding letter of intent.

Now, it's within the realm of possibility that Echefu, TheInsiders.com No. 34 prospect, takes some fall visits. However, the earliest visits would be late September because of the home visits and would have to cease sometime in October when Montrose Christian begins focusing on its high school season. Echefu won't be visiting during the season.

"A lot of times our kids take a couple of visits in the fall," Vetter said. "I don't know what he's going to do. He's got everybody after him right now. It's the who's who of the basketball world. In his situation, he may just kind of wait and see what's best for him at the end."

In the end, Echefu is going to have a wide variety of high-majors to pick from.

"Everybody form Virginia … they're all recruiting him very hard and they'd love to have him. I don't want to leave anyone out and he's not narrowed it down. Those are the ones that stand out in most people's mind."

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