West Coast 4-Star DL Has Offer; Cats in Top 5

Apparently the Wildcats are not done in the west coast. With a recent scholarship offer in hand from Kentucky and a dozen more offers to choose from, unanimous Top 100 star and Portland (Ore.) native <b>Ndamukong Suh</b> has UK in his top five and plans to visit Lexington in the fall. Read more about him, in an IK <i>exclusive report</i>!!!

Ndamukong Suh is a 6-5, 280-pound defensive lineman from Portland (Ore.) Grant, and Suh has been a busy guy this summer. But not with football. Playing for ICP Red, 'Damo' hit the road for AAU tournaments in Las Vegas and Los Angeles before starting up with football again. His roundball fun did not take away from the work Suh still needed to put in to make sure he came ready for Grant's fall camp.

"Our team did really well down in LA for the End of the Summer tournament," 'Damo' told Inside Kentucky Wednesday night. "We ended up being up in the Sweet 16." They also played in the Adidas Super 64 but it was not a memorable tournament. "We went 0-4," he added. For these tournaments, Suh played on a combined team of ICP Red and Black.

Once back in Portland, Ndamukong had the opportunity to play in the GNSL (Great Northwest Summer League) with other Portland hoops luminaries - Aaron Miles, Michael Lee and Damon Stoudamire - but chose the safe route. "I didn't play, because I didn't want to risk injury," he said. "I just took the time off to lift. I've been lifting every day, even when I was doing basketball."

Grant started their workouts on the 21st, and will attend a jamboree tomorrow at West Linn. West Linn has a couple of DI-caliber offensive linemen in Ben Loebner and Ryne Holstrom.

"Supposedly they've been saying they are going to take care of me and my friend Michael Dyer," said Suh. "That doesn't bother me. I'm just going to go out there and play."

In Damo's mind, talk is cheap, especially when it comes to backing it up. It's best just to take care of business from the get-go. "If you are the best player on the team, I'm going full-go," he said. "If you are the worst player on the team, I'm going full-go. I will not play down to my opponent. I always try to play at a high level. I treat everybody the same."

It's that type of mindset - coupled with unreal athleticism for a player his size - that make Suh a wanted prospect. So far no less than a dozen teams have offered scholarships, the latest being Miami, Mississippi State and Kentucky.

Mississippi State would be an intriguing choice for Ndamukong, as his sister plays soccer for the Bulldogs, but Suh is downplaying it. "My sister is going to leave after this year because she's a senior," he said. "She might stay for a graduate year, but I'm not sure about that. But I'm happy with the offer."

Happy enough to set up an official visit to Starkville in October, one of three officials during that month. "During Friday nights, it's all about the team, everything for Grant, but on the weekends, I plan on taking three visits in October," Ndamukong said. "I'm going to visit Nebraska on the 1st, Mississippi State on the 8th, and then I'm going to Oregon State on the 22nd."

Suh will also visit Miami and Kentucky rounds out his top-five, although he's not sure if or when he'll visit the Wildcats.

Wednesday marked the first day coaches can reinitiate contact with recruits. At the time of our conversation, Ndamukong had logged three calls - Arizona State, Mississippi State and Notre Dame, and a fourth - California - called during.

"There's the rest of the week, so I wasn't expecting all that many," he said.

Suh is ranked as the 12th best defensive tackle in America by TheInsiders and is #98 in the entire country.

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