A Note to Remember: Big Recruiting Weekend Ahead

For those attending the Indiana game planning to "storm the castle" in outrage over the performance of yesterday's "Battle for the Bluegrass," please remember some vital points..

You are only making it worse.

A weekend which will see some of the best prospects in the country head to Lexington, an outrage by the fans of Kentucky will only hinder our current coaching staffs' efforts in signing these outstanding talents. Among those planning to attend are Billy Stull, Tray Blackmon, DeMoreo Ford and Braxton Kelly. All of which would immediately make us a good football team upon their arrival.

You want a better team? Then we need better players and the only way that can happen is if you support the group that will be wearing the blue and white on Saturday. From all of us at Inside Kentucky, we wish and hope that you, alongside us, will continue to support our boys in blue and continue to show outward expressions of hope in not only our football program, but in the current administration.

If we don't, then we are no better then the newspapers that bash them, week in and week out.

IF you are displeased with the performance of our team, then please illustrate that in other ways, but by "booing" our players and the coaching staff, you are severely hurting our chances of bringing in better talent for the years to come. If you want a winning football team, then you have to support the one right in front of you and whether you like it or not, these 18-21 year old KIDS are still representing the University of Kentucky and any outword show of hatred will only make it that much harder to bring kids to the Commonwealth, so please support our ballclub on the 18th of September and remember that as bad as it gets, there will be several outstanding recruits in the stands whom would love the opportunity to change that, so let's get behind the team and look towards the future with great hope.

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