Coming Soon: The IK '04 October Issue Cover

The October Issue of the magazine is in the works as we speak. Here are some tidbits on the magazine set to come out shortly. A full release of the magazine cover is set to be announced here shortly. Below are some tidbits.

-Patrick Sparks is Inside Kentucky's cover boy, but we are not allowed to release the picture yet. Below are some of the comments made by some individuals that have seen it.

"Best cover yet, its extremely impressive and something I would put on my wall in my room or on my background on my computer." -Jason Scriber, Sports Promotions

"Extremely impressive and shows really how far Inside Kentucky has come. I am partial to the feel of a magazine as opposed to the newspaper. If I wanted a newspaper, I would have subscribed to the Herald Leader." -Blake Turner, IK Member

"The magazine keeps getting better each issue, I have been extremely impressed with how far you guys have come and this cover proves you are still growing. I cannot wait to have it on my coffee table." -Tyler Browning, UK student

Other Features to Come:
-Exclusive history of Sparks and his family
-Exclusive on Korvotney Barber set visit for Midnight Madness
-An early sneak peak at the 2004-2005 basketball season
-Exclusive look into LaGrange High School in Georgia
-Look into UK former assistant football coach Bill Glaser

and much, much, more....48 pages of UK History and Outlooks.

Still not impressed?

The September issue has already hit newstands across the state already; click here to see what you missed out on by not being a subscriber and stay tuned for next month as we get you ready for the basketball season to come. To become a magazine subscriber, click the link below and don't miss out on Patrick Sparks and the basketball team coverage....

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