Ringer No Longer Interested in Cats

Ohio RB Javon Ringer (5-10, 203, 4.4) of Dayton says Ohio St (visited, childhood fave) leads slightly over Michigan, Michigan St (offer), Florida (offer), Pittsburgh and Tennessee (offer).<br>

"Ohio St is close to home and I've grown up liking them a lot, and my parents would like to see me go somewhere close so they could watch my game," says Ringer. "There's always a good game between them and Michigan--their rivalry school. I like the way they run the ball and pass. It's never good to just be an all running team. And I like the way they mix it up a lot.

"I really like coach (Lloyd) Carr at Michigan and I like what they do with their offense--especially how they run the ball. They get some big OLs over there at Michigan and that's always good for a RB.

"The coaching staff at Michigan St calls me a lot. I was over there in June doing some pictures for some football magazine and got to look at the school. I like the campus there and their coaches are cool--real down to earth. A staff of coaches with good attitudes would be a big reason for me to attend a school.

"Going to Florida would make a big difference in my life, and I think it would be a good experience going away from home. There's a lot of competition down there. Big people come out of there too. I like the speed that is in Florida and if I were to go there I'd definitely mature as a player more. And I'd really and truly be by myself down there.

"I've been told by my good friend and old teammate (OC Chris Vangas) that I'd like how they run the ball in Pittsburgh. He tells me a lot about the school but I don't know too much and will have to find some things out for myself.

"I also like what's going on with Tennessee but I don't know too much about it either.

Javon plans to officially visit Ohio St, Michigan, Michigan St, Florida and Pittsburgh after the season.

"We had a team meeting recently and I told everyone there that I'm going to stay focused on the matter at hand before I begin to go on any visits, and that's to win state again. I wanted my teammates to know that they're important to me and that I'm putting them first because this is the last time I'm going to be with all of them."

Javon has played two games this season and has 58 carries for 611 yds and five TDs.

2.4/summer school (English)/reports a 21 ACT/Oct retake

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