Monthly Subscribers: Please Read

Are you a monthly subscriber to If so, you're probably not aware of the benefits of an annual subscription, including a new special offer!


Here are the four main reasons monthly subscribers should upgrade to the annual subscription ...

1) It costs less. You'll save about $20. The monthly subscription is $9.95 and the annual is $99.95. You do the math.

2) The magazine. Annual subscribers also receive the Inside Kentucky Magazine, a 64-page, glossy, monthly publication with in-depth features, fantastic photography and much more.

3) The yearbooks. Annual subscribers get's biannual national recruiting yearbooks.

4) And now ... As a special short-time offer, if you upgrade to the annual subscription, you'll also receive a year's subscription to The Sporting News -- that's 60 issues.

The annual subscription to Inside Kentucky costs less, includes IK's 48-page monthly magazine, the recruiting yearbooks and now 60 issues of The Sporting News?! It's a no brainer.


If you have any questions, be sure to send us an email at

- The IK Staff

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