Geek's Peaks - 9/8

I know you think all I do is look at video of high school recruits 24/7, but I have other interests as well.

I love to cook. I love to drive my new car around the pleasant scenery of my new home in Indiana, albeit, I am not a Hoosier folks. The Geek is still a Kentucky boy all the way. Never forget that.

As the football season has started, again it must be noted that the more things change the more they stay the same. Who is at the top of the polls? That would be two teams who have as many National Championships as anyone, Southern California and Oklahoma. The only team of the traditional powers who is not up there is Nebraska. Things just have not been the same in Lincoln since God's other son (sarcasm) left Lincoln for Washington, DC.

As for the NFL, well this sport has definitely hit new highs. Sales of NFL Sunday Ticket are astronomical for DirecTV. Fantasy Football games are at all time highs. And games are sold out weekly… except in Phoenix and San Diego.

I won't even comment fully on my disdain and disgust over the NBA players and the Olympic debacle. You have seen my comments earlier this year on the NBA. I will say it again, until they do something about the age limit, the NBA will be watered down and useless. Granted, the Pistons showed what teamwork and defense will do, I will give them that. But the rest of the NBA, is nothing but ESPN SportsCenter hoggin-look at what I did tonight braggin-dribble between my legs showboatin players. They are not real basketball players.

As the fall approaches, which is the Geeks favorite season of the year, our minds return to the great sports, football and basketball. Especially the college games. Nothing is more fun than tailgating at an SEC game for either sport. Yes, you can at basketball games. Especially in Lexington. You just do it at the Lexington Center.

This also means heavy duty recruiting. The 2005 class is not as heavily populated with talent as its previous class and following class. 2004 and 2006 will go down in history. Especially for UK who reeled in the best class attending college this fall, yes Texas is a close second.

For this reason, we can "relax" a little for 2005 and get the best athlete available to replace Chuck's spot. And while we are mentioning Chuck. He will be one of the poster men this fall for the basketball annuals. And I cant think of a more deserving person to get these accolades than Chuck Hayes. The epitome of hard work, perseverance, steady play and team work, Chuck is all that is right with college basketball. When some sports and even some college basketball teams are doing things WRONG, Chuck Hayes does everything right the first time. He may DO something wrong, but Chuck never gives up.

As for recruiting, I don't expect much fanfare for the Cats this season. UK may only sign one player, possibly two. We only have two spots available anyway, and with the 2006 class coming, we may want to hold it for that class. I am not the coach, but I might just do that if I were the coach. A player ranked 100 next season, might be 40 in this years class.

As for specifics, I expect Korvortney Barber to commit sometime this fall to UK, possibly as early as Midnight Madness next month.

AS for the 2006 class. We are already in heavy contact with five players and in contact with at least a dozen more. The five heavy candidates are Wayne Ellington, Kevin Durant, Richard Semrau, Brandan Wright, Anjuan Wilderness. NOW Brandan has been offered, but he is almost a lock for the NBA. He might be a lottery pick. I mean he can play 5 positions.

Somehow I think we get all of those except two (Wright and Durant) without much trial and tribulation. The 4th spot is up for a fight. AND not to mention that we are also interested in Mike Conley, DJ Augustine, Jonathon Mitchell, James Keefe, and David Kool. And there will be many others who skyrocket like Barber has this season.

And why worry about 2006 class really, for those kids have played just one year of organized HS ball. Granted, most of the 2006 class is invariably very talented. But there will be others who are just a notch below who will be the four years stars (see Erik Daniels and Gerald Fitch). You cannot make it without those type players either.

So, lets sit back and enjoy the fall, the colors are wonderful this time of year… blue and white, crimson and cream, purple and gold, black and gold, but none of that red and black and puke orange.

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