Jimmy St. Louis Diary: The Week Off

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This was a much needed and anticipated week off. Some might call it an "off-week" or a "bye-week," but we call it a "work-week." We used this time to get some physical work in and also to give the younger guys a chance to shine in some live action.

This week was much like camp. We had early morning meetings and thirty-minute practices, and we also had full-go practices in the afternoons. We had a very physical week consisting of board drills, open field tackling drills, goal line tackling drills, and red zone scrimmages for the younger guys. It was also a good week off because it gave some of our guys who were injured in the UConn game a chance to work though their problems. It looks like most of the guys are going to be ok. Our QB and my roommate, Adam Fisher, is coming around and looks hopeful for our game against Indiana State. Rick Shultz is also looking better. One person we didn't realize was injured was our long snapper Billy Sabezma. That was a big blow to our team, so we were on the hunt for a new snapper this week. It looks like my other roommate, Strong Safety Zach Spavital, has wrapped up the job, so I am happy about that.

This weekend also gave me a good chance to catch up on some of my graduate studies. School is really tough this semester, so I need to stay up on everything, especially when we start to get into the grind with football.

This weekend was also great because we were able to sit around and enjoy college football. I really used it as a film session by looking at some of the great tight ends and defensive ends around the country, taking notes on their positives and negatives. I compared a lot of them to myself, and I tried to figure out how I can gain that extra edge on them.

I did come down with little bit of illness on Saturday, so it is a good thing that we had an off-week. I was tied up on the couch for the whole weekend, but it gave me a chance to rest. Hopefully, it is just a temporary thing. I sat out of practice on Sunday, and we have an off day on Monday. I will be ready to go Tuesday morning.

We will be preparing for Indiana State this week. We have a lot to prove against them because they have found a way to beat us the last two years. Also, Murray State has never won in Terre Haute, Indiana. I am excited to get ready for these guys and keep taking my game up one level at a time.

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