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Kentucky and Florida Preview Part I ...

One year ago, the Cats came just a touchdown away from defeating the mighty Gators. On Saturday, they hope to find a similar fate;

"If we're put in that situation again, we plan on finishing," Shane Boyd said. "Our coaching staff stresses winning the fourth quarter and that something we have to do with a team like Florida."

But beating a team like Florida is hard enough. Doing it on the road at the Swamp, is even harder.

"There's not much you can do other than have noise at practice, which we've done in the past and will do a couple of days this week," Coach Rich Brooks said at his press conference, Monday. "You have to be prepared to go on a silent count with the noise levels so you don't have too many procedure penalties.

Coach Brooks is not so much worried about how his team will perform, but moreso how the environment will effect his other parts of his team.

"Sometimes, in an environment like that, you'll have a few penalties," Brooks said. "You need to really prevent that from happening. I'm just as worried about a lot of the other players playing their first major action there as the freshmen. We've got a lot of young people on this team, but this will be a difficult place to play whether you're a senior or a freshman."

If Kentucky can withstand the crowd noise, they still will have to deal with a talented group in Florida, whom return a host of playmakers on offense.

"Florida is a very explosive offense, so we've got our work cut out for us," Sweet Pea Burns said. "Leak is a very good quarterback. He's matured before his time and he's going to be very focused."

"We just need to go out there and play our game. We need to look at it as another ball game and a game that you need to win. It's a must-win game. Every game is a must-win game."

The gameplan, according to Sweet Pea, won't matter.

"Whatever the game plan is – if it's to throw different coverages at him or different blitzes, whatever it takes to get the job done. Hopefully our (defensive) line can answer."

The Wildcats are very much aware of the Gators previous loss last weekend against Tennessee, where they were robbed of a victory.

"I think they'll be very fired up," Burns contined. "I think they're going to hear about last year's game (against Kentucky) and the Tennessee game this year. I think they will come out and try to put some points on the board. They're going to throw everything at us this year."

"I didn't get a chance to see it, but I've heard about it," Offensive Linemen Matt Huff said. "When a team comes off a loss like that, they are going to have some fire under them. They are going to want to come back and bounce back and prove that they should have won the game. I think that's what happened to us after the Louisville game.

"We're going to have to prepare for that. Florida is always a tough team and playing down in Gainesville – probably one of the hardest places to play in the country – so, we're going to have to overcome the crowd noise and all that."

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