Coach Zook Press Conference Quotes

Press Conference Quotes from Ron Zook, Chris Leak, DeShawn Wynn, and more...Florida Preview Part

Opening Statement "I told our team yesterday 'When we walk out of this door, we're going to watch this tape and take the things from this tape; and it's over. I don't want to talk about it anymore, we're not going to think about it anymore, it's over. We're going to think about one thing: the first play against Kentucky. They played in front of the largest crowd ever to watch the Gators play and they didn't so much as flinch. Don't worry about this team coming together. Don't worry about this team's resolve. They are going to be fine, we had a great practice last night and they are looking forward to this game."

On the momentum gathered from four home games:
"I am excited where we are right now. I know people get tired of hearing the same thing, but we're way ahead of where we were last year. I'm not worried about four games from now. I'm worried about the first play against Kentucky, then I'll worry about the second. We can't get ahead of ourselves."

What he recalls from naming Chris Leak the starter before Kentucky in 2003:
"I remember walking in the weight room about 7 o'clock in the morning. Chris had just finished on the power rack and I said to him 'You're going to start this week,' and he said 'OK' and walked away. I didn't know if he was scared or didn't want to. That's Chris - he hasn't changed since the first time I talked to him on the phone in recruiting. He's a very humble young man and a guy who cares about winning."

On Dallas Baker:
"There isn't a better player than Dallas Baker. I called him Sunday and he was at home. How could he feel he lost that game? He had no more to do with it than I did. They always get the second guy. He knows he was wrong. He knows he can't do that. But I'm not going to blame him. We had three chances to win that game. We talk about the five or six plays that come down to winning a game, and that was not one of them. The outcome had a lot to do with it, but the incident did not."

On the defense starting slow:
"In the Eastern Michigan game, we had two new cornerbacks and two defensive ends that hadn't played a lot. I'm not making any excuses for being young. But the thing that excites me about the defense, when you know you're making progress, is when those guys can make adjustments during the game. When you can settle down and make adjustments, you're on the right track."

On the leaders of the Secondary:
"Dee Webb made some mistakes, but I liked his aggressiveness and the fact that he competed his tail off. Sometimes we have to slow him down a little. Cory Bailey made some mistakes we can't have happen. But when you go back to last year, there were some mistakes made by veteran guys who had played for four years. If they make a mistake it gets exaggerated. If a linebacker misses a tackle or an offensive lineman misses a block, no one sees it."

On convincing Dallas Baker to stop thinking about the penalty:
"He'll be fine because they are a team. That's what you love about Dallas Baker. He cares, it's important to him. They understand the expectations and they understand how important it is. I'll be danged if I'm going to let a player walk around with 109,000 people on his back. Blame me. Dallas will come back fine."

On Florida's 17-game winning streak against Kentucky:
"The streak doesn't mean anything, because you have to play the game. I think that this team has grown a lot and is different than the team we had last year. Each team is different. I may have said this last week, but when we as coaches are standing in front of them there's a different look. They're not complaining about things, they're just doing what we ask of them. They'll be ready to play.

On Shane Boyd:
"He's a lot better than he was last year. I think he played two series against us last year, but they've put a new meaning on the word improvement from their first game to their second as they went from scoring no points to 50. I think what they did in their open date was to say this is what we're going to do and the players bought into it. He's a very confident guy as he can run and throw the football well. They play unbelievably hard and he's doing a nice job of getting it done. He's the guy we have to stop."

On Chad Jackson:
"He keeps getting better in practice and has bought into doing well on special teams because he was named special teams player of the week after Eastern Michigan. I told him about Jacquez Green. Green wasn't doing too much and so I took him and put him on special teams and then he started blocking and returning punts and Coach Spurrier then got him more involved in the offense. He's making plays now and he's going to continue to make plays. His confidence is much better especially when you make plays like he has. I'm really proud of him.

Lance Butler
Offensive Line

On Coach Zook as a motivator:
"He does a great job just getting in there. He's getting in there with us all the time, almost like one of us. He gets in there, wants to get his hands dirty and shows us how important it is to him. During the week, he may get worked up, but he's supposed to."

On beating Kentucky 17 straight times:
"We're not really thinking about that. Every team in this league is good, top to bottom. Every week when you play SEC teams, they're all good ball teams, so you've got to prepare for them. You can't take any team lighter than the other."

Chris Leak

On his first starting game a year ago at Kentucky:
"The coaches did a great job getting me prepared for that game. It was my first start, and they helped me get more comfortable out there as the game went on. It was going to take time getting into a rhythm, and the coaches helped out a lot."

On the freedom to call plays:
"That just comes with experience. It comes with learning defenses and seeing where you can attack the defense. That's just learning defensive schemes and figuring out ways to attack them with your offense."

On four straight home games:
"It's a big comfort for us, being able to play at home for four straight weeks. It's great being home and not having to travel. It's about just getting the feeling for playing in "The Swamp" for awhile. It's nice being around each other the entire time."

On Chad Jackson:
"Chad's been developing his entire career. First high school, and now college. He's one of those guys who just makes plays when he gets the ball in his hands."

Ray McDonald
Defensive Tackle

On playing Kentucky:
"We have a lot better team than what we've had in the past, we're just going to have to come out and prove that every week. We'll have to try and win all the games at home. We're going to work hard and practice this week, but we'll just go out and play Kentucky hard. We have to try and stop the ball, and try and get more pressure on the quarterback."

On running the table in the SEC:
"I think it's possible. I believe we can run the table right now. We have a good team. Our offense is great, they put up a lot of points. Our defense has gotten better. We have to step it up. We don't think we played that well last week, so we have to practice hard this week."

On beating Kentucky 17-straight times:
"I don't think this is a factor. We remember last year, when we were down 21-3 in Kentucky. So they're going to come in here fired up and be ready to play us. We have to play them hard every play."

On the defensive line:
"We started a little slow. We're just going to have to learn how to play four-quarter defense. I mean, last week, we only played three quarter defense. The week before that we played three and a half-quarter defense. We have to play four-quarter defense to help out our offense more."

Channing Crowder

On Chris Leak:
"He's great physically. He's got a great arm and a great guy. He's gotten a lot smarter and he really watches a lot of film during off-season. That's his main thing, learning the offense, and he's really got a good grasp on that. He's a great player for us."

"He's really the captain. When the offense does what they're supposed to do, he'll get them the ball every time. It's hard when we play them, because it's hard to stop Chris. He knows where we're going to be. If we slip up one time, he'll get it right through us."

On next four home games:
"It's great to not have to travel. I think it's time for a run, and we've got three SEC games coming right up."

On Kentucky:
"We'll get after them, and that's what we're worried about now. They have a good quarterback, strong, young runners, and a good line. We'll prepare for them just like anyone else. We'll know their plays and know what they're going to do."

DeShawn Wynn
Running Back

On Chris Leak:
"He's had a lot of progression. Coming in as a freshman, he came in pretty well. He's just built off of that, watching game film, and having game experience. After starting in the fourth game last year, he's gotten a lot better in his reads, and he just takes control."

"He's gotten a lot more confidence in what he's doing. He doesn't have any problems making reads or telling people what to do, but his confidence is the biggest improvement. He's still kind of a quiet leader. He leads us by his play, because he's not a vocal leader."

On four games at home:
"It's good to be back home, we can try and get things together. We just have to worry about Kentucky right now. We've still got a long season ahead of us. We just have to go and play it."

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