Brandan Wright update per his coach

<i>Inside Kentucky</i> caught up with Brentwood Academy Head Coach, George Pitts to update the status and recruitment of Top 5 2006 player, Brandan Wright.....

This past summer, Brandan spent his time working on his game and playing camps. Coach Pitts felt the camps helped Brandan both showcase his talent and develop his game further.

"As far as the summer was concerned, he wanted to play against good competition. That probably benefited him more than anything. The two areas he primarily works on are fundamentals (ball handling and shooting) and strength. Brandan lifts about four days per week, and his increased strength is going to be the big factor on how he does at the next level."

Brandan will be back under Coach Pitts' wing this winter at Brentwood, where he will mainly play the center position despite his projected "next level" position at the power forward slot.

"Brandan is going to play the 5 because of his size. You look across this team, and hardly anyone else is over 6'4," so that's where we can obviously best use his skills; however, there are many times he might bring the ball down the floor or step out on the perimeter. That will depend on what kind of defense we face. We spend much of our time on defense pressing, and I like to have Brandan under the basket in that scenario because of his shot blocking ability."

It doesn't sound like Brandan minds what position he plays as long as he is helping his team.

"Brandan is a great kid. You rarely see a kid of his caliber, and when you do, lots of them are pretty hard to coach. Brandan is probably on the other extreme. He's extremely smart, both off the floor and on it. He is a very team-first oriented player, and he wants to learn more all the time. I can't get over how smart he is on the floor. We were playing a Memphis team last year, and one of our kids got tied up. I called a time-out to save the possession, and Brandan walked up to me to tell me it was our ball. Basically, he was telling me I wasted a time-out. I couldn't be happier to have him."

Coach Pitts referenced "the next level" many times throughout this interview, but finally elaborated on what he expected that to be. Many people across the country see Brandan as a possible NBA draft pick coming out of high school, but Coach Pitts was quick to disagree.

"I'm sure that if he is good enough, he would have to consider it. Anyone would have to consider it if they were talented enough to go. I just think Brandan has a ways to go, and he should really improve before trying to go (to the NBA). For right now, I think he is planning for college, and I'm not at the point I think he would go."

Coach Pitts also ensured IK that Brandan remains very open in his recruiting process.

"I know last year he mentioned Kentucky, Duke, and North Carolina, but I think he is trying to remain very open in his recruitment. He's very close to his mother, and he would love to play somewhere that she can come watch him play. Nashville is centrally located to many schools including the SEC, the Big 10, and the ACC, so he has lots of options. Roy Williams will be here today along with some assistants from other schools, so there are lots of schools trying to get in on him. I'm basically trying to tell him to remain open and not to make a spur of the moment decision. If you are interested, keep them in mind. If not, tell that coach so he doesn't waste his time. He just wants to make the right decision."

While Brandan remains open, there is a favorite at the moment.

"I have a hunch, but I can't share what he's thinking. I'm just tickled to death that he's got the opportunities he has. Brandan is a really good kid, and it's great to see someone like him excelling."

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