Holt, Mitchell ready to step up for injured Burton

Scott Mitchell and Glenn Holt know what is needed of them now that leader Keenan Burton is officially out for the rest of the year. See what they had to say about the upcoming challenges and how they expect to take over the role as the go-to guys.

Glenn Holt is going home; "I circled this game at the beginning of the year," Holt said following practice. "It's always nice to go home and see your family and friends and get a chance to play in front of them."

Suddenly coming home turned into a much more for Glenn Holt. That's because Kentucky's team leader and goto receiver Keenan Burton officially was labeled as out for the year earlier this week.

"You can't replace a guy like Keenan," Holt said. "We're all going to have to pick up the slack with him out."

One of those guys, in addition to Holt, is junior college transfer Scott Mitchell, whom caught his first touchdown pass of the year last week against Indiana.

"Keenan's a competitive guy, so you know he wants to be out here with us," Mitchell said. "But just having him around and motivating us helps us as a team."

Mitchell and Holt combined to make quite a tandom in making up for the loss of Burton last week.

"We're gonna have to make some plays for Shane," Mitchell continued. "We've gotta get some pressure off of him."

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