"I would say I will commit to Kentucky within..."

<b>Demoreo Ford</b>, the leading wide receiver for Georgia high school powerhouse LaGrange Grangers, has returned from his official visit to Kentucky. Lagrange sports that royal blue jersey and Ford may decide to keep wearing that color in college. What were Ford's thoughts on Kentucky and is a decision nearing?

"I had a very good time," said Ford. "It was a lot of fun."

What did Ford take in while tripping to Lexington?

"I got to see the campus, check out their tutoring program, see their facilities, meet some players and talk to all the coaches. It was all really nice; they seem to really care about their players up there. Their campus is very nice and they have a very good football environment."

Is Ford looking at any other schools?

"Not really, the only one would be Memphis, but they haven't offered yet."

How close is Ford to making a decision?

"It could happen any day…I would say I will commit to Kentucky within a week or so."

Ford is a very good wide receiver, and he really concentrates on the little things from that position. He loves to block for his teammates, and he will play hard down after down whether he is the focal point or not. He also stars in special teams as he has returned two punts for touchdowns this year.

Demoreo Ford will take the ACT next month and try to become fully qualified.

Ford could have his mind made up by next week, so make sure you stay tuned to TheInsiders.com for all the latest.

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