Cory Zirbel Tells IK When He'll Announce

Murray High School offensive lineman, Cory Zirbel, is currently trying to narrow his top 5 list to that one favorite. Recently, a teammate's decision to attend Kentucky threw another question mark into the decision making process. Today, Kentucky remains a contender along with a large list of suitors.

"I've now got forty-six offers, and I have narrowed it down to a top five. I'm going to try to take my five officials, and then commit maybe in January. I'll be taking an official to Oklahoma next weekend, and I've got Miami set up for the second weekend in December. I will be going to Michigan the second weekend in January."

It does seem the lineman is getting closer to a decision, and Cory tells us specifically when that would be.

"I get picked for the All-American Bowl, and I'll be making my commitment there at the halftime of that game."

Today, Cory remains pretty open while heading toward his decision. Kentucky still has the chance they are hoping to have in landing the stud lineman, and we did confirm the Tim Masthay commitment didn't hurt UK's chances.

"I haven't really shut anybody out, and I get six or seven phone calls per night right now. I talk to everybody, and I haven't told anybody ‘no' yet. Tim and I have been best friends ever since he moved here in fourth grade, so that definitely brought up UK's chances quite a bit. I don't know, but I'm going to just take these official visits and see what happens."

Regardless of the school of choice, Cory plans to try to get his weight up to about 305 this year while losing some body fat. In doing so, getting stronger and faster is another objective for him as with any hopeful big time football player.

Check back with IK over the next few weeks after the Oklahoma visit to see the latest on Cory Zirbel.

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