James McKinney Narrows Choices to Six

The number one player in the state publically narrowed his choices to six. See if the Wildcats made the cut

James McKinney
Defensive Tackle
6-3, 293, 4.9

How is your season going?

JM: "We are playing pretty well. We have lost two games by a total of six points and they were our first two games of the year. We have come back in the last two games and won 50-0 and then last week we won 42-0."

How are you doing individually?

JM: "I know I had 2 ½ sacks last week. I didn't play in the first game because of a sprained back. I think through three game I have 4 ½ sacks. I am playing mostly defensive end this season."

Have you set up or taken any official visits yet?

JM: "No, sir. I hope to start taking some in November."

Have you gone to any college games?

JM: "I have gone to games locally at U of L and U of K. I had a good time at both games, but I have been to both schools so much that I really didn't do anything different."

How is your recruiting situation shaping up?

JM: "Right now I am down to six schools. Michigan, Louisville, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Ohio State are the six schools that I am considering at this time."

Do you have a leader at this point?

JM: "No, I really don't. It is hard to say right now."

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