Jimmy St. Louis - Week 5 vs. Tennessee Tech

Jimmy talks about last Saturday's game against Tennessee Tech, Hurricane Ivan's effect on his family and his individual performance.

"This week was a big change from the last with Hurricane Ivan being over. Our house is still standing, but it certainly is not in good shape. The entire lower level of our house is destroyed, but I guess things could always be worse.

School is starting to come around. As long as I stay on top of everything, the stress level should stay to a minimum. I also paid another visit to the doctor, and I am feeling much better. Hopefully that will add to my performance on the field.

We really had a good week of practice. We had a fire in our eyes after the disappointment of last week, and we remained focused throughout the week. Our early morning walk through and light practices have been cut back to film sessions and scouting reports. The early morning film times are very important because it gives us a chance to get a head start on other team's tendencies while still leaving time for extra film sessions in the afternoons and evenings. There were also a lot of scouts that came through this week, and most of them had some good things to say. I am excited about the future that football has to offer. I just need to continue to outwork my opponents as well as my competition throughout the country.

Tennessee Tech was a well-coached team that really flows quickly to the ball. They are also a hard working team that doesn't make a lot of mistakes. Adam Fisher, our starting quarterback, helped greatly by returning (from injury) for this game; however, we did lose our starting snapper, Zach Spavital, with a broken hand. So we are really having some problems at snapper right now. We had to bring out a snapper that had played here in the past but suffered what we thought was a career ending injury. Clay Harrison, our new starting snapper, has really been doing a good job for us, so hopefully we will keep this one healthy.

With our focus intact, we went into the game confident in our abilities. We jumped out to a 28-0 lead before anyone even knew what had happened. I heard some people say that it was the best 17 minutes of football that had ever been played at Stewart Stadium. The only problem is it was 17 minutes and not 60 minutes. After the first quarter and a half the offense began to struggle, but the defense remained tough, just like they have all year. We went into half time with a 28-15 lead. We put together a good drive starting the second half, but we could not capitalize. Our defense still played great. The game was put away when linebacker, Lucas Holtz, intercepted a pass and returned it 82 yards for a touchdown. On an individual note, Ronald Lane had 162 yard rushing, and Ronnie Delusme was named defensive most valuable player. Also, Rohan Godson had 10 solo tackles, and Champ Whitaker had two interceptions. We really had some outstanding performances all over the field.

Individually, I had another good day. I was extremely physical, and I still managed to make some plays. I really wanted to make a statement this game, and I think I did that. I wanted to prove that I can be a dominating tight end by physically beating my opponent every play. I had some devastating blocks, where I left defensive ends, and linebackers on their backs. But it still wasn't a perfect game blocking, and I won't be happy until that day comes. I also managed to make a big 19 yard catch and run in the first half that helped finish a long touchdown drive. We are really doing a good job spreading the ball around, but when I do get the ball, I am making something happen every time. As long as I continue to get better every game, I will be very excited where this season is heading. As with every game, we have a lot of improving to do but I am happy if we win. We really have some great players all over our team, and if we can stick together and continue to grow as a team, it should be an exciting season. "

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