Ohio uses classless fans to its advantage

There are many unwritten rules in sports. Or at least many that were presumed to be unwritten. Until now. <p> For example, you don't kick an onsides kick when you're winning. You don't pass when you're ahead by 30. And you always shake hands with your opponent after the game.

It's called respect. Respect for the players, coaches and administration.

Unwritten rules apply to fans, too.

Since athletic endeavors have been contested, one thing has helped blur the line between unwritten rule and the fan's right to complain:


If you are paid, you are a professional. If you're not, you're an amateur.

"It is a strange place when you got a team and their fans are booing them early," Ohio coach Brian Knorr said. "It shocked me that they turned on them so early."

On Saturday, the University of Kentucky was host to several highly regarded recruits, including Brandon Logan, Bill Stull, and David Jones. Although I can't speak for them, it's a safe bet that their impressions of the devotion of UK fans might have been skewed by the chorus of boos raining down from fans at Commonwealth Stadium.

To subject amateur athletes to that in their home stadium is a classless act on the part of participating UK fans.

"I think that gave our guys momentum," Knorr said. "We told them that if we could do some good things these fans are going to start booing their own team and our kids are shocked about that."

It's not as if these are professional athletes. They are college students who are just a few years removed from high school.

"We've had some struggles in Athens, but they've never booed us," said Knorr.

"I've never seen anything like it."

Perhaps the so-called Wildcat Faithful might consider this challenge: Be apart of the problem, or be apart of the solution.

Thanks to the many who booed, it probably is safe to say that recruiting for next year might have to focus on prospects who weren't there Saturday night to hear first hand.

Here's to several more years of disappointment.

For those who booed, if you want to point a finger at someone? Look in the mirror.

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