The view from the sidelines - 2nd half

IK's <i>Rob Gidel</i> evaluates the game in his own special world of random thoughts and evaluations. See what he had to say about Saturday's chilly contest against Ohio.

Does anybody else really like those game clips before the game with the Wildcat in an airplane? I will say this, while the product on the field isn't great, you get your fill of entertainment at Commonwealth Stadium.

Good to see the University of Kentucky finally do a promotional feature before the game, also. It's really too bad they started it at 6 p.m., so a whole 14 fans could see it on the jumbotron.

While our team might have been celebrating throw-back day Saturday on the field, our band has been celebrating it for more than 25 years.

That's right. The one game that the football team has won this year, is still one more then the band has won since 2002. That was the year UTEP didn't have the budget to bring its musical support group to the game.

This bad offense has really hurt Scratch's training regime. The boy's bench press has decreased 20 pounds since the Morriss years.

Now to the game....

Kentucky better come out with some fire. I'm sure Brooks gave 'em the wake-up call at halftime.


Oh well, there goes that thought.

Thought that has suddenly come to my mind: With all the struggles of our receivers, where is John Logan? Maybe he is a game-player, not a practice player? With absolutely no one making plays in the receiver corps, why not give him a chance?

Oh well, there goes that thought, too.

Another thought that has suddenly come to mind: Ohio wide receiver Scott Mayle had five catches for 134 yards last week.

Maybe we should cover him.

Ohio goes down the field, but the Cats close thanks to a holding call deep inside UK territory. The Cats respond by driving, but fumbling.

Field goal then blocked by who else? Geez, how good is Lonnell DeWalt? He might set the record for most blocked field goals in one year. Oh yeah, and since our quarterbacks have accuracy problems, he sure makes for a nice substitution at 6-foot-6 and a 43-inch vertical. (hint, hint)

Just a thought.

End of third quarter, start of fourth.

How is Ohio leading again? Dang, I hope Randolph Morris is working on his free throws and post-up moves.

What time is that women's soccer game tomorrow?

Wow, those cheerleaders look good in those socks.

With 12:40 to go in the game, the Cats have the ball and are driving. A pass to Gerad Parker and a pass to Scott Mitchell get us 45 yards (imagine that, two pass plays get us a lot farther than when you run eight draw plays up the middle).

Shane throws and interception. Well there goes that thought, I guess that's why we run the ball.

First and 19 from the Ohio 11.

Hey Cats, watch for that receiver Mayle. He's done everything for them thus far. I think he's what they call, the "go-to" player for Ohio. Just a thought.

89 yards later, it's 21-10.

Two minutes later, its 28-10 and Ohio has the ball fourth and goal. Huh? Thus is the life of playing freshmen; four bonehead plays cause a turnover on downs and a fumble by Rafael Little gives them the ball inside the Cats' 20.

Thank God, Coach Brian Knorr is not Bobby Petrino.

Cats get the ball back (yay!). Woodson comes into the game and completes one pass to Jacob Tamme for 15 yards. What a pass. What a play. The future baby.

Pass intercepted. Well, there goes that thought.

Enter Ohio's second-string defense against Woodson.

We've got to score now. We just gotta. Woodson to Tamme for 16 yards. Woodson to DeWalt for 30 yards, and now we're cooking.

Hey, Logan is in the game! Five plays later, Touchdown Kentucky!

Coincidence? I think not.

Just an observation. While the touchdown might have come against Ohio's second-team defense, every pass was completed to our tallest receivers: DeWalt and Tamme.

Hmmm....I've got a great idea.

Next week: Alabama. Until then, let me remind you;

"Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive." - Van Wilder

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