The Gospel according to Geek

Yes October is here. The Covered Bridge Festival in Rockville, IN. The UK-Alabama football game. The Great Pumpkin comes. My new Dianne smile. It is a great time.

For those of you coming for the Alabama game… The geek will be there. He doesn't appear as geeky as his screenname suggests, but it is a chance to finally put a face with this idiot…

Yes, if you do attend the game, I will be wearing a UK sweatshirt… oh wait so will most of the crowd. I have brown hair... oh wait that is about 40% of the population too. I will be wearing blue jeans… oh wait that is common also. So you will just have to guess… LOL

This time of year is so relaxing. For those of us who love cooler weather love October and November. The leaves change and the air smells of burning leaves.

You know, I love the university and we are making great strides in all sports due to the work of Mitch Barnhart. I am taking the opportunity to thank Mitch publically in this forum for his work, his tenacity, and his penchant for doing everything above board and BY THE BOOK.

I also want to say appreciation for the work Coach Brooks is doing. He came here under really tough circumstances and is doing as well as he can. The shots of him clapping for the defense in the Florida game and showing HIS appreciation for their effort is really heart warming.

I also want to say that Orlando "Tubby" Smith is the man. Not only is he the best coach in college basketball (OK, I rescind my previous article.. I CAN DO THAT,..)but Tubby is the best MAN in sports. Honest, trustworthy, dependable, and caring. This what sets tubby apart from the rest of the coaches. Especially the one 67 miles west of Lexington.

But I digress.

I also want to thank Greg Vincent. The new owner of Inside Kentucky. Greg is making this entire organization top notch. He is running things very well and making IK a name for itself.

I also want to thank Rob Gidel for his work on this site and the magazine. Rob is the best. There is no more harder working editor anywhere in Insiders and probably any other sports publication. Rob gets the job done. And he does it superbly.

Finally, I have to thank the other moderators. Tony, Jonathon, Rob, Kevin, and Mike. These are the "old hats. BUT, the new moderators, Casey, Mirei, Darin. And new analyst Tommy. I cant thank you guys enough for your time, effort and love for UK. It is unrivaled…

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