Kentucky Offers Uche Echefu

It seems the Kentucky basketball staff is pretty serious about their interest in 6-8 PF Uche Echefu. The staff recently put forth an offer after making the trek from Lexington to Rockville during the open period.

According to David Adkins, assistant coach at Montrose, his senior athlete has some pretty good offers on the table.

"He's definitely got some good options with offers from Florida State, Georgia, Kentucky, Duke, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Michigan. He's heading out to visit Virginia Tech this weekend and I know he's scheduled to fly out on Friday afternoon for Blacksburg. He's flying out later in the afternoon because he doesn't want to miss any more school."

Adkins thinks he has an idea of what Echefu is looking for in his college choice..

"Uche's a smart kid," said Adkins. "He's very smart and he's a kid who's going to do some research and study a lot about all of the schools that are recruiting him. He's going to figure out where he can get the best education possible. And along with that -- he wants to find a basketball program that offers what he's looking for and the opportunities that he's looking for."

"I don't think there's a leader right now, and he has so many good options."

"Kentucky came in and made an incredible presentation when they offered him. They really want him too. He's just got to figure out what he wants and this is his decision, so I don't think there's a time frame on it right now."

Time frame or not, it's pretty obvious that the Nigerian native's decision to wait has produced some rather appealing options for his college choice. And deciding may ultimately be a very difficult decision.

"Duke is very very interested in Uche Echefu," Adkins said. "They came up here on the last Monday before the open period ended. They really want to get him down for a visit to meet face to face with Coach K. They offered him. That's for sure."

"I think they really like his game and want him to be a part of things down there. Coach K couldn't make it this time, but they say he's really looking forward to seeing him in the next open period."

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