2006 scouting report: Gerald Henderson

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on some of the nation's best prospects. In this edition, Telep looks at Gerald Henderson, whom has already has an offer from Roy Williams.

Gerald Henderson
6-5, 210
Merion (Pa.) The Episcopal Academy

There are a couple of things about Gerald to take into account. First, obviously his father was a terrific NBA guard who was just one of those guys who found a way to get it done -- he was a hard guy to cut, so he comes from a background of tenacity and competitiveness that will bode well for him. Second, Gerald also is a big-time golfer. Word on the street was that he's quite a golfer – evidence of what a versatile athlete he is – and was a good enough golfer to make some money on it and he's passed on that for hoops

As for his game, he's has made some real interesting strides with his game in the past year. There was a time where it looked like his teammate Wayne Ellington would soar past him, but Gerald put an end to that this spring and summer. Basically, here's a guy who has a really strong body and a versatile game. He's just now starting to become a better shooter from three-point and he's a good shooter from mid-range, going off the dribble or can catch and shoot. His body is built for contact and he's a decent finisher.

We're at the point now where you're expecting him to take the next step in his game. He's starting to become a better perimeter player and that development needs to continue. He's settling into the two guard position. He certainly could get a little bit better attacking the basket – he's good going to the basket but not the blow-by-you guy yet. He's got more crafty scorer in him than explosiveness, but every now and then he'll sneak one in and throw it down. A general area for improvement is you just want to see consistent offensive output.

Signature Performance:
Rather than one specific game, he had a good NBA Camp followed by a strong USA Basketball. In the final 24 hours of that stretch, he put up a 19-point, 10-rebound and a 19-point, 7-rebound game – that's as a rising junior against the best rising seniors in the country. That let everybody know – he made his statement. There was the point of his summer during that 10-day span in late June where everyone was talking about Lance Thomas and then Gerald's name came into the forefront because he was putting together really good performances.

College Projection:
He's definitely going to be a two guard, because he's much more of a perimeter threat. From what we learned this summer, he's turning the corner becoming more of a consistent perimeter player and he's going to continue to develop a comfort zone out there. And that's probably going to be his better defensive position rather than guarding taller players at the three position.

No. 17 -- Before the summer, I figured he'd be in the 50-75 range, but he did enough to announce his presence to where right now he's a major target, when you combine the academics, family history and what he did the past four months of the circuit. It was hard to ignore him. He clearly improved on his game from the middle of his sophomore year to the start of his junior season. When you have a guy like that on the upward take he's probably only going to get better.

Final Thoughts:
His junior year will tell the story of what type of player he's going to be – he's on the cusp of elevating his game and everyone wants to see how high he can take it.

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