How to fix this mess: Five quick steps to success

IK's Rob Gidel gives his five quick steps to success on how to fix the football program right now.

1. Accept that the Ron Hudson's offense doesn't work in a speed conference like the SEC. Fire him.

I've always been supportive of Hudson and the rest of the staff, but if his only stance on refusing to change is because what he's brought to UK worked at Kansas State, then the man needs to go. The biggest difference between the Big 12 and the SEC is speed. It doesn't matter whether you have Barry Sanders at running back if the opposition has cornerbacks and linebackers who are just as fast, or faster.

2. Accept that your program cannot afford wasted opportunities at wins and rid yourself of the home-and-home series with Louisville and Indiana.

Instead, give the fans another home game and the team another win. Having to win less then half your away games to make a bowl appearence gives your team hope throughout the year and also pads the win column. See Kansas State for reference. A win is a win is a win.

Hello, McFly? Would you rather be 1-10 and selling a recruit on your difficult schedule, or go 5-6 and talk about how you narrowly missed a bowl game?

3. Accept that probation has hit us hard. Then, pull your thumb out of your mouth and understand that stability is only a good thing if you also progress.

If you don't make progress you are jogging in place.

4. Sign junior college players.

In a numbers-crunching time, you cannot afford a kid wasting a roster spot for five years. Evaluate junior colleges and sign as many players as possible, because its an easier sell for the coaching staff and many can contribute immediately. With playing time a necessity for JUCO players, you stand a better chance at signing an impact player at that level than the few blue chip high school players who contribute right away. JUCOs have a sense of urgency, and it is disappointing that UK hasn't learned how to use that to its advantage.

Peter Fuitak of College Football News said it best;

"When doing anything requiring speculation, whether it be recruiting, drafting, stock analysis or ordering Chinese food, the key is eliminating as many elements of chance as possible. When you recruit a high school prospect, you have to hope he can immediately get used to the collegiate life, you have to put him in a college weight room and get him to add 15 pounds of muscle, and then hope he can actually play as he matures. When going after a JUCO player, you get a kid that you know is already used to collegiate life, has at least two years of maturity on high school prospects, and is more likely to be able to play right away. Essentially, you know what you're getting with a JUCO player."

5. Hire an offensive coordinator who UK fans can rally around.

OK, so hiring Hudson was a mistake. Everyone wants Rich Brooks fired, but we have a heckuva staff - bring in someone who can change the program upon arrival and excite potential recruits. Why? If you go into the recruiting season rationalizing personnel to an 18-year old kid, you are going to lose him.

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