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You're in the beginning stages of the recruitment process and some coaches have requested video of you playing. Don't panic and make this harder than it is.

Just about all high schools tape these days, so it should be fairly easy to get a copy of one of your better games. Make sure that you include a brief skills portion in your performance tape. The skills portion will show you executing the required skills for your sport – ask your high school coach for input on this part of your tape.

Avoid making a lengthy tape since coaches don't have the time to watch a two-hour tape. The combined skill/performance tape should be no more than 15-20 minutes. This should be ample time for you to highlight your skills to prospective recruiters.

Make sure all tapes you send out are clearly labeled with the following: your name, jersey color and number, date of game or skill, opponent and a stat sheet if available. If you have a recruiting profile of your personal info, include that as well.

You should also have between five and 10 copies of your tape. Realize that college coaches may not be prompt in returning your tape – if they do at all. It's best to just get in the mindset that once you send a tape out, it won't come back.

Do not send a tape out to a coach who has not requested it. The average NCAA Division I coach receives hundreds of unsolicited tapes a year that they do not watch. Save your time and money and do not send them out unless you are asked to do so.

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