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Tonight's scoop watch includes Columbia (SC) running back Mike Davis, Nelson County's TC Drake, North Gwinnett's EJ Adams and much, much more! Basketball recruiting updates on Adam Williams, Jai Lucas, Kevin Durant, Jared Carter, Richard Semrau and Brandan Wright! Don't forget to tune in!

Tired of waiting on Rob Gidel to write another article? Want to ask him a question personally so he can finally get to that question that got buried in the thousands of other threads that pushed it down? ASK TONIGHT!

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Inside Kentucky believes it has formed the best team in Tim Woodburn and Rob Gidel - unbiased. Informative and entertaining - but don't ask us, ask the many listeners whom have made it a point to express their feelings toward the show.

"Gidel is very fair in his assessment on recruiting. Extremely thorough in every way. He really knows his stuff and you can tell he works hard to be informative."
-Jason S., Lexington

"An extremely unbiased hour of sports talk radio - the best in knowing the cold, hard facts of recruiting."
-Mark E., Lexington

"I am not a fan of sports talk radio, but for me - as a non-subscriber to the website - I listen to the show and get all the information I need. It's the best hour on radio in Lexington."
-Blake T., Lexington

"Tim and Rob have really formed a nice relationship on the air. They really feed off of each other very nicely."
-Cassie F., Lexington

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