Soundbites on UK's weekend visitor - Leo Criswell

<i>Inside Kentucky</i> was the first media outlet to report the Wildcats hosting of talented forward prospect Leo Criswell this weekend. Get "up close and personal" with the Wildcat prospect and learn about his game from the professionals ...

Watch Leo Criswell for just a few minutes and it's clear that this is a prospect with plenty of potential.

"Athleticism," Inside Carolina's Ben Sherman questions. "Just witness the jaw-dropping dunks in warm-ups."

"Shooting," the Editor & Chief continued. "He nailed just about every mid-range jumper he took.

Ball Handling? It was well hidden on this day, but he's got the skills.

Defense? The footwork was lazy, but the shotblocking was impressive."

The saying "If someone lit a fire under him …" has become cliché in recruiting circles, but it sure applies to Leo Criswell, who stands at 6-foot-8 and about 200 pounds. Currently ranked No. 54 by analyst Dave Telep, what separates him from the Top 25 is consistent effort.

"Effort wise?" IC's Clint Jackson stated. "Criswell loafs often. Goes through the motions. Doesn't like to move his feet on defense."

But there is potential. Last season as a junior Criswell averaged a double-double - 18 points and 10 rebounds for Piper (Kan.) High School.

The 6-8, 210-pound senior forward has since decided to transfer to Coastal Christian Academy in Virginia Beach.

"He's long, lanky and athletic -- Criswell is a very appealing prospect," Jackson stated. "He likes to face up, good jump shooter, can collect some blocks with his length. Has explosion but seldom uses it. Range out to the arc. Nice touch from the baseline, mid-range, basically everywhere else, too."

"Potential wise -- big time kid, here. No doubt about it."

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