RECRUITING: Tim Masthay Reaffirms his Commitment

It's another dawn of a new beginning for Wildcat fans who eagerly await word from anyone who might know something about a new offensive coordinator or current and potential recruits. A cloud of concern has covered the state that the changing situations in the world of Kentucky football will shake up our recruiting picture.

With a solidifying statement from Curtis Pulley and a new commitment from Zipp Duncan, Kentucky fans can breathe a bit more easily. Tim Masthay, kicking prospect out of Murray High School, has also weighed in his thoughts on the changes. His opinion: nothing changes, at least not for him.

"I heard about the offensive coordinator resigning. Personally, I just met the man last Saturday, but it sounds like the best thing for everyone. I thought he was a big man for doing that because it sounded like that's what had to happen for everyone else to stay."

Tim seems to understand the situation pretty well, and while he keeps an eye on the situation, it would take quite a shakeup for him to reconsider his commitment.

"Like I said, I thought something had to happen for the other staff to stay. And personally, I love this coaching staff. I really think they are headed in the right direction. I think it would take the entire coaching staff leaving for me to reconsider my recruitment, and I'd probably still come then anyway."

Tim also gave Inside Kentucky another surprise or two regarding the staff's plans for him outside of kicking duties and an unexpected visitor at the Vanderbilt game last Saturday.

"I talked to Joker (Phillips) and Coach Ortmayer last weekend, and I got really excited because he said they will definitely work me out with the receivers. I was hoping to at least get a chance because I just want to be on the field as much as possible and help where I can."

"Speaking of last weekend, you'd be surprised, but I actually got Cory (Zirbel) to ride up to the Vanderbilt game with me. I think he had a good time, but I just don't see him being a Wildcat. Still, it was good to convince him to come along with me. I still think he'll be going to Michigan before it's all said and done."

Keep an eye out on Inside Kentucky for further developments on current and potential commitments.

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